17 Cool Camping Gadgets For Your Next Trip

17 Cool Camping Gadgets
17 Cool Camping Gadgets

If you’re a first-timer planning for a camping trip or you’re a regular camping veteran who enjoys the wilderness, you’d still understand the importance of planning ahead for your trip. We agree that the best camping experience would come from actually roughing it out, but you can still enjoy some of the luxuries in the woods. 

You’re probably planning on leaving behind all the leisure and pleasure of your house, and that’s a good choice. But you can still make your camping time super fun and adventurous by including some of the best gadgets

Starting from the basic camping necessities like clothes, pillows, sleeping essentials to the weirdest and innovative gears, these can make your camping a tad bit more pleasant. When you’re finally set off to a camping spree next time, make sure you add these items in your bucket list. 

We agree that there’ll be more new and innovative gadgets that can add up to your experience in the woods, but these 17 cool gadgets would definitely take you by surprise. 

1. Cabin Style Or Cave Tent

If you love homely vibes, this might be the ultimate equipment for you. Built like a cabin with already fitted poles and zipped doors, the cave tent is perfect for easy and quick set-up. The tent also features a room divider, zipper windows, and doors for additional privacy & security. You also get extra hanging storage pockets and a water-resistant finish built. If you want to buy a super convenient tent for a family of four, check out this article at resmarty.com

2. Portable Clothes Washing Bag 

If you regularly go camping, you’d understand the hassle of packing adequate clothes. But some manufacturers have built a solution for you, the portable washing bag. It features a washing machine and compression dry bag for easy laundry when you’re outdoors. The bag is made of nylon fabric and also features adjustable straps. It can also act as a compact storage unit whenever required and the original clothes washing facility is a bonus. 

3. Mini First Aid Kit 

First aid kits are definite essential for any outdoor trips, especially camping because you tend to get tired or injured in the woods with all the traveling, hiking, and other activities. But you might get bogged down by the size of any first aid kit and struggle with taking or not taking any medication. For helping you make that choice, you can get a mini and super packable medical set. This is designed as an LED flashlight packed with first aid essentials in case of any emergency. You can easily find anything from painkillers, antiseptics to tweezers, bandages, and nitrile gloves. It even features an additional compass and whistle, and the rolled-out 9 inches body makes it super portable and easy to stack.  

4. Unique Water Filter 

Finding and having fresh water in the woods is one of the most inconvenient struggles of camping. If you’re not sure that you’ll be able to find fresh water at your camping destinations, then a water filter bottle or straw is a must-have for you. The unique design of these items helps in clearing out any bacteria, chlorine, and protozoa from water through its 2-stage filtration process. It also features a sleek design and compact build with an easy refill option. 

5. Mini Pocket Blanket

Imagine this scenario, you’re just walking around at night with your partner or even kids, and you feel like sitting and enjoying the view from higher up mountains, while your tent is far away, what would you do? Would you feel comfortable sitting in uneven ground with mud or grass? Probably not. We’ve got the most excellent and blissful gadget for you. It’s as tiny as the size of your wallet and fits in your pockets perfectly. The mini pocket blanket can fit up to 2-4 adults and features built-in corner stakes and sand pockets to ensure it doesn’t fly off on windy days. 

6. Compact Mosquito Repeller 

Oh, the pesky mosquitoes! You’re most certainly going to encounter them when you camp out. But you don’t have to fret about losing your sleep because of them now. You can easily get rid of them by using this ultra-packable and compact mosquito repeller. It’s created to form a scent free 15 feet zone around you, which the mosquitoes can’t enter. The repeller’s 1 fuel cartridge can last up to 12 hours and it also has 3 insect repellent mats which last up to 4 hours. Now you can say goodbye to bug bites and itchy stings. 

7. Travel-friendly Campstove Grill 

Ah! How much you’d enjoy a grilled piece of meat or just hot campfire food. But it’s always a hassle to set up the whole campfire and you need multiple equipment for that. On the other hand, the portable camp stove grill works wonders for the same thing. In fact, it’s probably better than the campfire with its numerous features. You can easily enjoy hot food or boil water instantly using this device. 

Moreover, it’s super compact with 8 inches tall, and weighs around 2-3 pounds. The extremely useful in-built feature of converting fire to electricity is a definite advantage. You can easily charge any of your small devices through it, it also has a 2000mAh battery and a smart LED dashboard for easier accessibility. 

8. Portable Camp Bed

Sleeping outdoors feels like a dream come true for many, with a blanket of stars above and your partner and family by your side. And camping gives you that opportunity to fulfill this serene dream. But you might not be able to enjoy quality sleep with all the bumpy ground and rocks underneath. Hence comes the ultra-soft and comfortable portable camping bed. The sturdy and strong aluminum frame built with a lightweight design ensures an even surface. It also features a breathable woven fabric for extra comfort and ease while sleeping. It’s super easy to carry and assemble, making it an ideal camping necessity. 

9. Solar Power Shower 

There’s nothing like having your own compact shower while you’re outside. You might not be able to find an adequate bathing facility at your campsite or the bathrooms might be too busy. For enjoying a private shower, you should invest in a portable solar-powered shower. It’s usually made of PVC material with a strong handle and an appropriate on/off valve is fitted to the showerhead. Moreover, it uses solar energy to heat the water which is enough for multiple showers. 

10. Convenient Camping Chair 

There are multiple camping chairs available in the market, but it’s important to choose the most useful as well as most compact. Look out for sturdy chairs that are also easy to carry and set up. It’s advised that the chair should feature a high-grade fabric and some additional specifications like adjustable seat height. It should be lightweight and easy to store too. 

11. Solar Powered Lanterns 

If you’re camping with young kids, you’d understand the importance of having a well-lit campsite. And even without kids, it’s always a good idea to carry multiple lights and lanterns for keeping your campsite luminous, especially at night. But you might not get enough power outlets to light up several bulbs and lights. This paves the way for solar-powered lanterns. They’re made with durable plastic and have a waterproof and shatterproof design which makes them perfect for any outdoor trips. They can be easily recharged with both options, either through a USB within 1-2 hours or through the included solar panel within 10 hours of bright sunlight. 

12. Stormproof Match Kit 

As mentioned earlier, lights are the best sources to have in the woods and potentially turn into life-saving items. But if you don’t have a match kit that can stand up against any winds or storms then what’s the point. With keeping your safety in mind, you should definitely buy a stormproof match kit. These will usually include items like a waterproof case, 3-4 strikers, and almost 25-30 matches that’re windproof and waterproof which can hang on irrespective of heavy rains, storms, and even snow. 

13. Outdoor Kitchen & Cooking Gear 

We know the value of self-cooked or home-cooked food and the feeling of warmth it gives all of us. But if you’re going to stay outdoors for a couple of days, it becomes difficult to manage cooking. The outdoor cooking kit might be the best way to go about this. It can help to make your campsite function as well as your own kitchen. This compact and cool cooking gear comes with every necessary utensil, including forks, spoons, cutting board, utility knives, a whisk, a spice shaker, and even a scrubber and camp towel. Everything comes neatly folded and packed into a compact case for higher portability. 

14.  Finest Survival Shovel & Knife 

No camping trip planning is complete without taking mandatory survival equipment. You’d most definitely want to include some of the finest survival gear including a shovel and knife in your list of items. These are supremely designed tools built with finest stainless steel and featuring an aluminum ergonomic handle. They’re highly durable and versatile in use, some of them are also dissemblable, and you can turn it into an axe, trowel, nail puller, pick, screwdriver, knife, spear saw among other survival essential tools. 

15. LED Headlamp Flashlight 

Trust me, hand torches have become a thing of the past. Yes, we agree that those have a high use value, but now we have a more feasible option in place of those. The LED headlamp flashlights can be fitted onto your head easily. This frees up your hands while you’re pitching your tent or cooking dinner and performing any other task. Furthermore, these run up to 45 hours straight and you don’t have to worry about it shutting off. 

16. Portable Espresso & Coffee Maker 

We see you, coffee lovers! For all those caffeine-addicted individuals, we finally have a cool gadget for you. The ones who can’t open their eyes without their morning cup of coffee, we suggest you go and get a portable espresso maker right away. There are several lightweight, compact and versatile handheld press-style machines available for making your instant boost of energy. You can easily brew a rich and high-quality espresso or coffee anywhere anytime with these compact wonders. These are mostly super easy to use and wash and don’t require electricity. 

17. Outdoor Survival Bracelet Or Watch 

Finally at last, but certainly not the least, comes the ultimate outdoor survival gear, the essential outdoor bracelet or watch. These are especially designed for enjoying your time in the woods without a care for the world. They have an in-built GPS or compass, for keeping you safe and never losing your path. Additionally, some of these also feature other cool and essential things like a fire starter, an emergency knife, a whistle, and even a long military grade paracord, making it one of the extremely supreme and greatest additions to your camping gear list. 

Most of these cool products are designed to provide you utmost comfort and a homely and cozy feeling, even while you’re camping in the wilderness. They’re designed by keeping in mind every camper’s necessities and their safety. These makeup for a great investment for any camping enthusiast or anyone planning for a countryside stroll.

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