2022 Cloud Cost Optimization Guide


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Today, many companies that have migrated to the cloud for a number of reasons use certain strategies to optimize their business costs. This helps to better understand the important goals of the company, which as a result leads to increased efficiency. Because of this, a bunch of different platforms have appeared that help to properly optimize resource costs while in the cloud.

Today we will consider a guide that will help any user to better understand the proper optimization of their funds and costs.

Here are 7 steps which can help optimize your savings:

1. Set up your own account for control

An essential step is to create an organization payer account. After that, you will need to make sure that all new users you add transfer their spending data to the main account, because only in this way will a reliable source be formed with all the information about the income and expenses of the company. If you use separate accounts, then you will not have a common picture of all business situations, which will make it difficult to track and grow the organization.

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2. Aligning Your Resources with Key Goals

A prerequisite for optimization is an understanding of your budget and main desires. All leaders need to meet and discuss the overall and individual goals of the company. Each need must be reasoned and justified in order to avoid unnecessary costs. Also, the right arguments will help prioritize.

3. Put costs first

By promoting ideas about the cost of the cloud for an organization, you make it easier for all team members to see and understand the real costs. Also, it is important to keep the financial issue in mind when making decisions related to engineering. When analyzing data, do not forget about the specific requests that they must meet, namely: relevance, context, measurability, and a clear understanding of the benefits.

4. Identifies other important aspects to achieve the goal

Every company is interested in good employees, so you also need to make sure that all team members understand the business in order to use this knowledge to your advantage. Different departments should have one main goal that everyone is moving towards. If one department’s goal is to increase the number of customers, and the second – the amount of profit, then the company will not budge.

5. Delivering the right data to the right hands

 Sometimes the problem is cloud oversaturation with data. Remember that quantity is not always quality. It is worth understanding what types of information are the most useful and effective, as well as finding solutions to reduce the noise level of excess data.

Good engineers must be able to analyze information and be able to classify it, as well as find those data that do not make any sense. Breaking down the data into separate groups will help find solutions to various difficulties.

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6. Cost optimization throughout the cloud lifecycle

 Cost optimization should be a priority for you throughout the life of your business in the cloud: from migration to direct operation.

At the planning stage, the team should ideally justify the entire budget of the future product. During the deployment phase, it is important to be prepared for unexpected costs, and at design time, the costs already depend on the size of the data that you need to filter correctly. The launch and monitoring phases involve reassessing all information and all resources.

7. Analyze in real-time to make decisions on time

If users have access to data on an ongoing basis, then making complex and responsible decisions in ambiguous situations will be easier. In addition, no one likes sudden “surprises” that will entail large financial losses. Moreover, you will track a certain trend in your expenses and see at what stages they increase.


Here we have considered only 7 crucial aspects that are worth paying attention to, but there are several more interesting ideas. In order to better sort out cloud storage, it is best to contact a professional team which can easily create the perfect plan for your expenses.

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