4 of the fastest-growing job sectors and how you can get involved in them


Making a career change during your life is something of a challenge, especially if you find it difficult to find the kind of jobs that you would be interested in doing. However, there are many sectors in the workplace looking for people of all ages to fill their quickly multiplying job vacancies, to meet the growing demand, and to help make systems work. Here are four of some of the fastest-growing job sectors in America and how you might land a dream job in your chosen profession. 

1. Cybersecurity

Throughout the pandemic, the rates of cybercrime have increased dramatically. This is why businesses, industries, and governments need more people to help monitor and combat these issues. The cybersecurity sector is predicted to grow a whopping 28%, which is going to create a good 28,500 jobs, and that’s just a cautious prediction. It is one of the absolute fastest growing sectors in the US, and as more and more companies and industries turn digital, cybercrime has so much more room to grow. In fact, the annual cost of cybercrime rose by 29% in 2018 in America alone

It is obvious that it is a growing problem, so job sectors are trying to grab as many security analysts and those qualified in IT as much as they can. Having a degree (or multiple degrees if you want to be safe) in Internet Technology, Cybersecurity, Forensic Computing, or Networks and security can help get you a job in cybersecurity. Alternatively, you can also work in outsourced IT Departments, which, although are paid less, have just as high job demand without needing quite as much training or as much time spent on courses.

2. Computer Science 

As technology progresses, computer science becomes more and more demanded by tech companies all around the world to fight off the competition. But computer science-based jobs don’t just help us understand and progress in the world of programming, software, and technology. They also help us understand what is currently happening with climate change and how to help our lives become less toxic for the planet. They also help us understand the tech that we already use, which can make handling things such as the climate crisis and waste crisis so much easier due to an increased amount of knowledge in it. 

There are many different degrees you can take to get a job in this sector. However, many of the well-paying jobs require more than just a bachelor’s in mathematics and Computer Science, and it can take a long time to get into this heavily rewarding job sector. Taking a masters in computer science online might be the perfect path to getting an excellent job in this sector without needing to take any time out of work. You can then take the leap and go into work as a business analyst, Network Architect, or even a systems analyst.

3. Renewable or sustainable energy technicians and engineers

Technicians and engineers have always been in high demand, but now people are starting to convert to cleaner energies, the demand for technicians and engineers who are fully qualified in keeping the machinery that gives us these energies working is exceptionally high. Whether it’s wind turbine technicians, solar panel repairers, or hydropower dam engineers, there is a massive demand, especially in the US, for people to repair these machines that will someday become as important as fracking drills and distillation columns are in the present day. 

Evidently, a big part of becoming a technician or an engineer requires a lot of know-how in mathematics. You will also need a degree or a national higher diploma in renewable energy engineering, electrical or mechanical engineering, or electrical power engineering, as well as long-term on-the-job training. There is a lot of work that goes into being in this sector, but you will find that if you have the aptitude for it, sustainable or renewable energy technicians and engineering might be an excellent path for you to go down. The wind turbine maintenance sector of sustainable energy has grown 61% since 2019 alone, so the job demand is extremely high, which is excellent news for those who have recently graduated and want to go into it as soon as they can. 

4. In-home caring and nursing

If mathematics and engineering aren’t quite your thing, you might be a bit lost for job opportunities. However, there is a massive increase in demand for in-home caring for the elderly. This is incredibly fulfilling work that is fun and sociable and can be very rewarding at the end of the day. You might feel that you aren’t quite cut out for the demanding nature of this job, but many of the agencies will ensure that you have nothing but the best training before they let you into the world of caring and helping the elderly get on with their day. 

In-home caring agencies will often give you all the training you need, but if you want to go into nursing, you need to get a degree as well as at least one of the advanced medical certifications. However, there are many benefits to nursing that mean that you will find the work fulfilling. You can also work generally where you want to, and there is a wide variety of nursing jobs, such as mental health nursing, hospital nursing, and also district nursing.

In conclusion

There are a lot of quickly growing job sectors around the world, and all of them have exceptionally high demands for jobs. There can be a great opportunity for pursuing jobs in these sectors at any time in your working life, and many such as computer science can be taken online to help those from different backgrounds keep up with what work they are doing as well as earning a degree to better themselves and their income. There are so many sectors out in the world that want people to fill incredibly useful and fulfilling positions, all you have to do is look for them.

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