4 Problems Cloud DLP Solves 

We live in a world of web-based businesses, social media companies, and software providers. Most of business life runs on the internet, and data is both everywhere and everything. Since data and how they protect it is equal to the success of a business, they tend to try to find ways of securing corporate networks at all costs. 

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is one of these ways which is designed to prevent data loss and cyberattacks that results in the unintentional deletion of sensitive and valuable information. Data loss is a significant risk for every web-based company, so let’s see what DLP is and what problems it can solve.

What is Cloud DLP?

Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions are a way to monitor every piece of data on a private network and make sure it does not leave the pre-defined boundaries of the network. This is an efficient way to ensure no data is lost and everything is secured against cyber attacks. 

But the thing is, most information is now being transitioned to the cloud for its cost-saving and user-friendly qualities. Cloud is becoming more and more prominent, so data loss prevention should be an option for cloud-based data. Cloud DLP ensures that company networks can also utilize this solution for their cloud-hosted data storage. 

Cloud DLP solutions assist in tracking down the network traffic and looking up the valuable data that flows through. DLP solutions have a set of things they need to look for, thus ensuring those sensitive data is not compromised or lost. These solutions encrypt sensitive data, prevent data leakage, and stop data traffic when needed.

4 Main Problems Cloud DLP Solves

Data loss could be a significant threat to businesses and DLP is here to solve data security issues they might have. The above explanation might seem like DLP is solely a data traffic control solution, but its benefits go above and beyond. Let’s see four problems that DLP promises to solve.

1-) Data Loss Due to Cloud Services 

One of the most concerning things about the cloud is the risk of data getting compromised. Cloud is a great way to store massive amounts of data with little effort but if not protected properly, it can lead to data leakage or unauthorized access. Remember that cloud services will most likely be 3rd parties that you can’t be sure about.  

Cloud DLP solutions monitor all the traffic on these cloud services and prevent unauthorized access and can block the data flow in an instant if any cyber threat is detected. Although cloud services might fall short in protecting the data, your DLP solution will let you know that there is something wrong and will take control of the data breach. 

2-) Data Visibility Problem 

Visibility is key to network protection and its importance cannot be overrated. If you do not have a clear idea of what’s going on in your private network, you cannot enforce the necessary security precautions and fix your vulnerabilities. Cloud data protection requires pinpointing every possible threat jeopardizing your network. 

DLP solutions let you know about everything flowing through your cloud data storage and provide your IT security team with significant insights and help them make your private network better and safer. Data Loss Prevention starts with what may cause your data to get stolen or lost so you can protect it beforehand. 

3-) Categorizing Confidential Data 

Not every piece of information is at the same level of confidentiality. Some things are more sensitive than others and you need to emphasize them to be able to ensure they are not exposed to unauthorized access outside and inside of your organization. Internal data leakage is a great security threat that is caused by the poor categorization of information. 

Cloud DLP solutions are a great way to overcome this objection. They can prioritize pre-defined categories of information that are of the biggest importance to your network. These can be credit card numbers, medical records, passwords, or any other information which may pose legal threats in the case of a data breach. 

4-) Shadow IT 

Shadow IT is described as performing activities outside of the devices that are distributed by the IT department of a company. We do see this a lot in today’s business world due to BYOD policies. Users are getting applications and software on their devices to use for their everyday work, but these can really be a goldmine for malicious users, and IT security teams need to be ready for these problems. 

Cloud DLP solutions stand against this threat of data leakage caused by shadow IT. As one of its main purposes, DLP solutions prevent access to information that employees are not authorized. If you have remote employees who access cloud-hosted data from shadow It hardware, DLP is a great way to ensure they can only see what they need to. This will instantly decrease the risk of a data breach to your corporate infrastructure. 


Protecting corporate data has become vital for every modern business. But unfortunately, valuable and sensitive data are at risk of being lost or stolen due to various cyber threats. Cloud DLP solutions are here to prevent data leakage, breach, or unauthorized access. 

If you value your corporate network and your cloud-hosted data, give cloud DLP a chance and immediately increase visibility, prevent cyberattacks, and minimize lost data. Above mentioned problems are common, but they are not impossible to overcome, especially with the help of cloud DLP. 

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