Best 4chan Apps You can Use on Your SmartPhones


The Best 4chan Apps You can Use on Your SmartPhones

4chan app is a famous platform where we can discuss many things like memes, discussion threads, and controversial gray things; browsing 4chan is made simple with a flexible interface centered around quick navigation. This application is made because most interfaces you need for navigation are inside simple reach of your thumb without extending.

4chan is not made for phone users, and there are chances you may face some bugs while browsing on the phone, but further in phones, if you own an IOS version, you cannot access 4chan. Browsing on the PC is very smooth, simple, and bugs free. Some other things about 4chan are that it’s not officially launched, and many developers launched 4chan applications unofficially. For your convenience, in this post, we will share the best 4chan applications that are tested positive; you need to stay with us to know more about these.

What are the factors that differentiate 4chan from Reddit?

The prevalent concept about 4chan is that it’s very similar to Reddit because both rely on the old school layout, it’s a fact, but some factors make both of them different platforms. Reddit is pseudonymous, which indicates user’s comments, and the post will be shown by their user name mean there are no hidden things that remain in Reddit. Simultaneously, 4chan is anonymous, which means most of the users keep their identity private and do not reveal it.

Here are the best 4chan applications for smartphones:


In the list of best 4chan applications for smartphones, chanu has been ranked the number one smartphone app for 4chan, but unfortunately, it has been banned two times in recent times. In 2014, google was banned for saying a little bit of explanation, but it was available on the play store after a while. In 2016 it was again banned by explaining its content is very cheap. That’s why it’s not available in the play store.

The application additionally offers thread tracing and watchlists, the capacity to begin new threads, uphold for most loved boards, light, and dull subjects. An approach to download pictures from 4chan, and uphold for disconnected perusing too. Making a thread is truly simple. You need to tap on the options button on the right and then click on ‘new threads.’ Your best one board can likewise be added to the rundown, and the application would send you a notification about the popular posts of that board.

The Chanu application stayed away forever to Google Play. Today it is just accessible if you can sideload the application through F-Droid or GitHub too. Even though it isn’t the Play Store, it is an extraordinary Android application for 4chan. 


The Omnichan application adding boards is straightforward, and you can either type the board’s name or pick it from the rundown. While you will be dealing with Omnichan, it will never sense that you are browsing 4chan on an unrecognized platform. Presently it can make disarray alongside boards from various sites. Henceforth, a little symbol on the upper left corner of every single board is evident. You also avail 8chan, 420chan, Lainchan, and WizardChan by using this platform.

There is a lot of adjustments that you can make to tweak the design of the application only like the content tone, thumbnails, post style, and so on. It gives you power over how the application looks and feels at whatever point you use it. It comes with an option that offers you feature by using you can set boards list in alphabetical order and also you can modify designs of the board through different themes.

It’s a good option for getting the 4chan stuff due to its fully devoted service. If any post looks fascinating, you need to click on it, and you will see the comments and remarks in slick individual tiles. Every single tile shows the number of sub-answers that you can peruse tapping it. If you are interested in the specific category, you can set those boards in the list, which is changeable. Also, you can change sort request and see new comments and controversial posts.


Clover is a fantastic app for 4chan because the clover experience is very close to the real Site of 4chan. You can likewise see the sheets on your dashboard as well. It has a list mode, which sufficiently shows the threads incorrectly separated list things too. You have to put the Site URL, and it will automatically add applications.

It comes with full security. Whenever you post a thread post on 4chan, it will ask for entering CAPTCHA to resist the bot’s entries in the system. Answering people on the conversation sheets is truly simple, where you all can cite the remark and type your message. Straightforward. Making a post is truly basic, and you can do it with only a couple of sections in which the name is consistently discretionary.

It offers much control to the user, like if you are irritated with invokes notification, you can set it off and on depends upon you. Bookmarked threads can likewise be observed, and you will get a notice of each update. You can likewise control the picture’s location and save it anyplace on your device. It is muted for recordings, of course, and you all can likewise kill spoiler tagged pictures.


Dashchan comes with options that many other 4chan applications offer, such as filtered searches, favorite boards, video support, and in-line replies, but unfortunately, it misses the WebM files.  Despite all these features, it’s different from other 4chan apps (made for android versions) due to multiple imageboards involving 8chan, 55chan, 410chan, and much more than 50 smaller niche boards. 

Besides these options, it also has a drawback like adding an APK extension for every imageboard you want to open, other than this installation process. It is somewhat hard to set up. Shockingly, the application doesn’t uphold WebM playback locally, and you need to utilize your chrome program on the phone, which is a disadvantage that has not been tended to yet.


Overchan comes with extraordinary features like one of the Overchan highlights interested by most users and sets your preference for picture boards on a board-by-board premise. For example, you could make a video-board board show uniquely in contrast to a dominatingly text-based board.

Overchan application does not uphold the 4chan. It also includes some other imageboards that Dashchan mostly supports. It also offers to save thread posts in the form of HTML files. All the boards running in the background will automatically be updated and the background sending the post.

Mimi 4Chan Reader

Chanu application was well known to access 4chan when it was banned from the play store. After this, Mimi 4chan reader fulfills the vacate and becomes best for 4chan even more than Omnichan. It includes a friendly interface, and the user can access posts easily; you can likewise assemble different threads utilizing the tab design. You can swipe on any thread to open it in the browser view, swipe left or right to hop among threads and select three diverse standard format types.

It comes with functions like a full-screen image gallery, WebM support, and also automatic board refreshing. It offers much control to users, like changing the test color, toolbar menus, and many more. That’s why it was rank second-best 4chan app.

4Chan app for IOS

As we know, 4chan applications don’t have official existence, and Apple has strict policies for these programs. Once it was deleted from the App Store, then it’s against the apple community to install it on your phone. If you still want the 4chan app, then jailbreak is the single gateway to do this.

Safari browser also offers you RSS channels from 4chan for iPhone users. You essentially need to open the RSS URL of your number one board on Safari, next click “share,” pick more and turn on “find RSS channel.” Now, navigate to the last line and click on the “discover RSS channel” button. In the same manner, you can import any RSS feed for any application. Keep remember that it will just let you access posts and comments, and replies will not be opened for you.

Final Words:

4Chan attracted massive traffic but then suddenly banned from the app stores due to unethical content, users want to get an application that does the job of 4chan, and in this article, we discussed the best 4chan apps hope it will work for you. This post is mostly recommended to Android users.


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