5 Best Business Internet Providers in 2020

Internet Providers in 2020
Internet Providers in 2020

The internet has changed the world. In this digital world, where everything is linked to the internet, the internet plays a vital role in businesses. It has helped out many people in growing their business. The Internet has given you a platform where you can grow your Startup business through different means. In the past, it was difficult to reach your customers but now things have changed. You can reach your customers and clients altogether which was impossible in the past. Here you know the 5 Best Business Internet Providers in 2020.

Getting an internet service provider can be a crucial decision and you should do your research before you get the services. This decision will affect the way you do business either it’s just a start-up or you are dealing with hundreds of clients, a reliable internet connection would help in growing your business and getting the job done.

An unreliable connection can result in heavy losses, a salesperson on-call can lose the sale just because the internet connection was bad, your client can get frustrated if he doesn’t get the sample because your internet speed is slow and it is taking time more than expected to send a file to your client. Every single second matter when you are doing business. A bad internet connection will lessen your productivity. Your employees will be frustrated if they keep facing issues regarding internet speed.

Many telecommunication companies are providing internet, cable, and landline service to businesses and everyone claims to be the best at what they do. We have made things easier for you by picking the 5 best business internet service providers and we are going to tell you what they offer so you can pick up one as per your needs and what should you check while getting the internet service for your business.

What should I check while getting the internet service for my business?

There are some important steps that you need to follow while getting internet service for your business. The first step while getting an internet service is checking the availability of all the providers available at your location. You should list down all the providers available at your location.

The second step is you do your research about the providers available and then you can compare them. You should know what you are looking for and what are your needs. If you are going to need internet service for just basic browsing and sending emails, a basic internet speed will work fine for you but if there are multiple users who are going to connect multiple devices at the same time, you are going to need a fast internet speed to make sure that everything goes fine and your employees don’t face issues regarding the internet speed.

Know your needs before you get any service. Do not get anything less or extra. You should know how many employees are going to use internet services, how many devices will they be connecting to, and what bandwidth would be required to do the work. While getting internet service for your business, make sure you get a reliable service so you don’t face issues with services often, and then regret your decision. Check reviews on the internet about the internet service providers available at your location, compare them, and then make a decision. We will tell you the 5 best internet service providers for business in the article.

5 best internet service provider for business

The following are an internet service provider which you should consider while getting the internet service for your business. We have deemed these five internet companies worth looking at based on some key factors.

Verizon Fios business

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Verizon is best at providing the best customer service to its business customer who is doing small and medium businesses. Customer satisfaction is one of the reasons why Verizon comes as the best business internet service provider.

Verizon offers different downloading speeds ranges from 75Mbps to 940Mbps with the price ranges from $64.99 for the first year and then $69.99 for the second year. This only includes service charges, equipment, and other fees and taxes would be on the top of service charges. All the packages come with a two-year contract with an early termination fee. Verizon is only available in only a few areas in nine states on the East Coast. The service is limited to only a few areas of some states.

Spectrum Business

Spectrum offers internet service via cable connection and is one of the most reliable and widely available internet connections in the U.S. Spectrum offers high-speed internet for the business with the downloading speed ranges from up to 200 Mbps to 940Mbps and the prices start at just $44.99 per month. You can check what speed is available at your location and how much it would be for the high-speed internet offered by Spectrum. All the packages come with price lock-in for a year or two depends on the promotion.

The best thing about Spectrum is all the packages come with no contract. Spectrum charges their customers on the month to month basis. So if you have a startup and you are worried about the contract, Spectrum would be the best shout for you. Spectrum offers the best customer service with affordable prices and a reliable connection.

Comcast Business

Comcast offers the internet service with the most reliable connection with speed ranges from up to 35Mbps to 940Mbps with prices start from $69.99 per month. Comcast works fine for small and medium businesses. With Comcast, you get symmetric fiber speeds, which means that the downloading and uploading speed would be the same. You get limited fiber plan access with Comcast. Comcast packages come with a contract and you will have to pay an early termination fee to cancel the services.

AT&T Business

AT&T provides internet service through a fixed wireless connection and fiber connection. The fixed wireless connection is widely available, but the fiber connection is only available in some areas. AT&T Internet offers to download speeds that range from up to 50Mbps to 940Mbps with prices ranging from $50 to $300 per month. For a small business, the DSL connections work fine but if you have a big business, you should get the fastest available. All the packages come with a contract and there will be an early termination fee if you want to cancel the services.

Frontier business

With Frontier Fios, you can get the downloading speed ranges from 100Mbps to 100Mbps with the same uploading speed as the downloading and the price ranges from $55.99 to $239.99. You get free installation with all the fiber plans and all the packages come with a price lock-in of 3 years. The fiber connection is not widely available and the customer response is not that good but still, you should consider getting Frontier Fios if it’s available at your location.

Summing it up

All the providers have their pros and cons. It all depends on your needs. Make sure you do your research before you get a service as that will impact the way you do business. Take this as an important decision.

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