5 Laptops Very Low Prices On New Year 2021


5 Laptops Very Low Prices On New Year

(Update date 30/08/2020) Very popular with students who need an easy-to-carry computer, not too expensive and light, laptops also appeal to anyone who wants a small budget PC, for basic use. Here you can choose the best laptops very low prices on new year.

These computers are not known for their exceptional performance or large storage capacity: sometimes they have relatively little space, with formats like the eMMC, inexpensive but less efficient than SSD hard drives.

But if you think that buying a notebook is not interesting, think again: as long as you know your priorities and compare different models between them, you can make a very good deal. Of course, these are not devices that allow you to play or perform activities that require too much of the processor (video editing, for example).

However, to surf the Internet, take notes, use basic software like the Office suite, web browsers or even watch movies and videos, you will undoubtedly enjoy these 5 computers selected by the editor.

An entry-level Chrome OS without concession on autonomy

Among the various criteria that will guide the purchase of a notebook, we often find autonomy. In essence, they are computers that are easily transported: many take them to go to class or make presentations at conferences, for example.

In these configurations, the 4 or 5-hour battery life that is identified on many 14- to 17-inch references may quickly prove insufficient. A smaller screen typically uses less battery – and the “less efficient” side also saves energy. Chromebooks, thanks to their Google Chrome OS system, have these features, but you won’t be able to take advantage of traditional Windows-enabled software.

Acer Chromebook CB314-1H-C5F4

Designed to go with you everywhere, this Chromebook is smaller than an A4 sheet of paper and weighs about 1 kg. Slip it into a small bag and take it with you whenever you need it.

A safe brand and some minimum performance requirements

Do you want your investment in a laptop to benefit you for as much time as possible? You will probably prefer reputable alternatives, like products sold by well-known brands like Asus, HP, or Samsung.

At around $400, you can already get a decent Windows 10 PC, but you don’t claim more than 64GB of storage, in most cases. Also, look at the processors: some will perform better than others, and you can get a satisfactory result by spending $300 to $450 USD.

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The promise of a more satisfying experience with recent components

With a budget of close to 650 USD, you can already get more interesting performance with newer processors, storage with a real SSD, and confident finishes. The quality of the display may also be superior to other models.

This is what Dell is highlighting with this model that is currently found at 650 USD in some dealers, up to 699$ in others. It has the latest-generation Intel processor and 128GB of SSD storage.

Dell Inspiron Premium

Laptop with the latest Intel processor, generous ports and connections, and all the essentials for everyday computing.

Big screen and big storage

Even if you can’t spend more than €500 on your PC, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a good hard drive with more than 500GB of storage available. You might also want to see bigger with a 17-inch screen, the maximum for laptops.

It offers this screen format and 512GB of SSD storage, which also ensures a good speed of execution and copying of files. If your budget can’t go that far, also think that you can opt for a model with less storage and use an external hard drive.

Asus R702UA-BX1048T

This model has no more power than the others and has chosen to focus on the amount of storage and a large screen. More transportable than portable, it will have the preference of those who use it at home.

Trust a less well-known brand with enticing details

You probably know that when you buy a computer from a famous brand, you pay for that reputation that ensures certain reliability. However, when you turn to the side of brands more on the margins, you sometimes find great promise in terms of features like this one that comes in competition with the Dell model.

Also, if you don’t necessarily want to confine yourself to the most well-known manufacturers, don’t hesitate to look at what others suggest: you may have a better processor, an SSD with more capabilities, or other interesting features. The only downside, models with exotic brands like this Chuwi usually offer a Qwerty keyboard with a set of Azerty stickers for the keyboard.

CHUWI Lapbook Pro

The manufacturer focuses on display and design with a 90% screen-to-chassis ratio, a feature that gives it a more modern look than other first-price models. The announced battery life is 8 hours.
Depending on your priorities, you’ll find the laptop that can meet your main expectations. Given their low prices, they are not perfect in every respect, but they remain attractive for the good compromises they present, with appreciable feature/price ratios.

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