7 Trends in IT Outsourcing That Will Change the Way We Work in 2022

We live in an era of constant technological change and innovation, which means that by 2022, we’ll have experienced even more changes in the way we work than we have in the last decade. With such rapid progress, it can be hard to predict what’s coming next, but there are some trends in IT outsourcing that are sure to emerge as key developments over the next five years. This article will take a look at seven of these trends and explain how each could change the way we work for the better by 2022.

1. Remote work is here to stay

Despite all of our efforts to squash it, remote work is here to stay. Remote workers are more productive and happier than those who report to an office every day. So why not start embracing it now? In 2022, companies will have no choice but to embrace a new way of working that includes remote employees, freelancers, and consultants—and with them comes a whole new set of challenges for IT departments. 

2. Growth of Artificial Intelligence

AI is permeating our life more and more each day. Without proper regulation, it’s only a matter of time before artificial intelligence will outsmart human beings completely. As far as most people are concerned, that’s something to be feared rather than embraced. But one thing that’s certain is that AI will transform our relationship with tech even further. How many of you still prefer to speak with a real person when you call your cable company or bank?

3. Increased Demand for Blockchain Services

Blockchain has proven its value as a decentralized, tamper-proof ledger for recording everything from cryptocurrency transactions to food supply chains. For those who believe in its usefulness, blockchain is expected to become a standard part of every business operation by 2022.

4. Outsourcing providers will be more dependent on automation and machine learning

In an effort to increase cost efficiency and customer satisfaction, it’s likely that many of these providers will rely on automation to reduce costs and improve customer service. As a result, much of their workforce will consist of workers who have undergone specialized training for their jobs—people like technicians, programmers, support specialists, etc. These professionals will be dependent on complex systems and software for managing most tasks. Providers who embrace automation early on will likely experience significant cost reductions—which they can pass along to customers.

5. Bigger data needs more cloud computing

By 2022, big data will be bigger than ever, necessitating more cloud computing to support it. Companies all over are investing heavily in cloud computing—and with good reason. From total data loss prevention (DLP) to reducing downtime and other related incidents of cybercrime by moving sensitive company data into a secure public or private cloud, one thing is certain: Cloud computing is here to stay. And so are its vast benefits for businesses large and small, across virtually every industry imaginable.

6. Increased use of robotics in the outsourcing industry

Although robots are already a hot topic on most technology websites, they have not yet reached widespread adoption. By 2022, however, robots will become an integral part of businesses across all industries. With cheap robotic arms dropping below $1K per unit and full-stack startups like Boston Dynamics pioneering cheap anthropomorphic robots that can walk around and use tools naturally, we will begin to see a rapid increase in robotics throughout businesses of all sizes.

7. Growing need for cybersecurity professionals 

Cybersecurity will become a new standard for all organizations in 2022, and there’ll be a huge demand for professionals who can do it well. These specialists will be responsible for creating strong security barriers that make digital data inaccessible to unauthorized people. Businesses are expected to spend more than $1 trillion on cybersecurity by 2022, so demand for skilled workers is expected to skyrocket over time.

The Bottom Line

The future of TAG IT Outsourcing may seem like an impossible thing to predict, but when you look at recent trends and examine the current technologies, it isn’t as hard as you might think. This article has discussed the seven key trends that will change the way we work with IT outsourcing in 2022, that will help you understand how you can implement them to get ahead of your competitors. 

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