9 Multipurpose Wire Baskets Ideal for Your Walk-in Pantry


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Nowadays, walk-in pantry tours are something we love to binge-watch online. If you are one of us, I’m sure you can relate to how amazed we are by their organizational skills. One of the hardest parts to organize in our home is the kitchen, specifically the pantry. A walk-in closet may help you get ready for the day quickly and effortlessly by storing all of your belongings for work, school, hobbies, special occasions, and family time in places you can find easily. Similarly, when it comes to caring for yourself and your family, an organized pantry makes a significant impact.

Wire Baskets
Wire Baskets

If you have noticed the walk-in pantries of celebrities, they have something in common. Do you know what it is? It is a wire basket. Wire baskets are one of the sought-after storage for pantries. If you have a plan on organizing your pantry but don’t know where to buy or what wire baskets you should buy, we are here to help you. Trust us and continue reading to know these multipurpose wire baskets. 

Creative Co-Op Metal & Wood Baskets

If you want a wire basket that comes in 4 small wheels, the Creative Co-Op Metal & Wood Baskets are perfect. It really comes in handy when you need a basket that rolls. If you purchase this, it comes in a set of two in different sizes. This is perfect if you have a walk-in pantry because you can put it anywhere. Just be careful when carrying these wire baskets because they are quite heavy. This wire basket is available in rust and white.

mDesign Portable Metal Farmhouse Organizer Basket Bin

If you are thinking of having a DIY walk-in pantry where you want your baskets to be wall-mounted, choose the mDesign Portable Metal Farmhouse Organizer Basket Bin. This wire basket includes side handles and hooks, allowing you to hang it on the wall of your pantry. Even if you have a small walk-in pantry, it is still perfect because of its slim design. This deep basket’s sleek lines and metal wire construction make it a fashion statement. You can store anything with this multi-purpose wire basket. You can get this in black, bronze, graphite, white, matte white, black, and matte black. 

Easy Track 9211-CH Basket, Chrome, 24-Inch

The Easy Track 9211-CH Basket is triple-coated chrome, ensuring long-lasting quality with a contemporary design. With this long wire basket, you can store everything. You may use these wire baskets to create a pull-out organizer in your pantry to readily access your dry goods, condiments, and other supplies. Easy Track created this sliding basket to take your pantry space to the next level while also making kitchen storage easier. If you buy this, you will get a two-piece pull-out wire storage basket. Don’t be afraid to invest in a long-lasting piece of furniture by purchasing this wire basket.

The Lakeside Collection Wire Storage Baskets with Fabric Lining

One of the best-selling wire baskets is here. When you purchase this set of wire baskets, it comes with a fabric lining that will undoubtedly help you add flair to the way you organize your stuff. The Lakeside Collection Wire Storage Baskets with Fabric Lining is perfect for your kitchen storage. Each metal wire basket includes a replaceable nonwoven fabric liner that allows for different alternative designs. You may also use these metal storage baskets as desk organizers. You may offer this as a present to relatives and friends that appreciate traditional style room accessories that are also handy.

DII Metal Storage Bin

When it comes to home organizing needs, the store DII is well recognized. Because this basket is heavy-duty, it can hold a large number of items and products without breaking. The DII Metal Storage Bin can hold everything. Ideal for storing vegetables, canned foods, fruits, and pantry supplies such as flour and sugar in a convenient place. It comes in three various sizes and colors: white, bronze, and black.

BIRDROCK HOME Stacking Wire Market Baskets with Chalk Label 

If you want a wire basket that you can label, BIRDROCK HOME Stacking Wire Market Baskets are what you are looking for. This wire basket features a black metal label that you can personalize by writing the name of the products you wish to store on it. These wire baskets are ideal for keeping dry items such as fruits and vegetables. Each basket is 13.25″ wide, 10.5″ deep, and 8″ tall, allowing the wire baskets to store a variety of items and products.

mDesign Modern Stackable Metal Storage Organizer Bin Basket

We have another mDesign wire basket on our list! They are well-known for producing useful and fashionable home decor. The mDesign Modern Stackable Metal Storage Organizer Bin Basket is not only strong enough to hold your goods, but they are also lightweight. Another advantage is that you can pile these wire baskets on top of each other to save space. These wire baskets not only keep your goods organized but also provide a modern touch to your pantry. It comes in 6 colors: silver, brown, graphite, bronze, chrome, and satin.

Mind Reader 2 Tier Metal Mesh Storage Baskets Organizer

If you are looking for big baskets where you can store packed items, Mind Reader 2 Tier Metal Mesh Storage Baskets Organizer is what you are looking for. It comes with two sliding basket drawers that are big enough to store big bottles and packages. This pantry organizer has four rubber grips at the base to provide solid and safe storage for your pantry. It is available in 8 different colors: white, black, pink, blue, turquoise, yellow, green, red, and silver. 

iDesign Vienna Large Wire Basket

This versatile wire basket is perfect for storing everything around your house, including your pantry. You can get this iDesign Vienna Large Wire Basket in a set of one, two, and four. Its sturdy steel structure with a matte black finish complements a variety of designs and styles and withstands daily usage. This wire basket is rust-resistant so you don’t have to worry about its shelf life. 


If you’ve ever admired the beautifully organized pantries that you see on the internet, these wire baskets will surely be a great help for you to organize your pantry. It can help you save money since you will know what you have and will be less likely to purchase duplicate products. Plus, having everything in its right place can make cleaning your kitchen or pantry much easier. Get these awesome finds on Storables.com and have an organized pantry with wire baskets.

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