A Detailed Guide on the Intrusion Prevention System


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The advancement of technology comes with its own merits and demerits. At one point, it has made the operations of every business easier. It has made communication easier, enabled automation, stores huge information electronically, and much more. On the other hand, such technology is also susceptible to criminal activities like hacking, cyber threats, virus, and intrusion into sensitive information. Many companies have started installing advanced security systems. The intrusion prevention system software alarms the company about any unauthorized access through its advanced system. This software is very effective in preventing any crimes at these big companies. Whenever it detects any virus or threat in the network, it notifies the organization and also blocks the threat from entering the network.

A Detailed Guide on the Intrusion Prevention System
A Detailed Guide on the Intrusion Prevention System

It has become very important to get the IPS these days. It works by monitoring the traffic flowing in the network. If it detects any virus, worm, or other cyber threat, then it will perform one of the following steps-

  • Remove the virus or threat on the network after the attack.
  • Reprograming the firewall so that the attack does not occur again.
  • Reset the connection.
  • Block the traffic from the same address.

Advantages of Intrusion Prevention System

You should get an intrusion prevention system because of the following reasons

1. Avoid any illegal access

If there is any illegal access to your system, not only the intrusion prevention system alarms everybody but will also stop the hackers from getting access to any data or system. It will block the hackers from entering into the system and make aware the controller of the system or owner so that they can change the passwords or shift the data into a safer space. It also filters the mail you receive with its software so that you do not click on any suspicious link.

2. Continuous security

The system works for 24x7x365 time and is operating for every single moment. So even if you are done with the work and go home and anyone tries to break into your system, the prevention software will handle it and stop the hacker from entering into the sensitive data.

3. Alerts

The contact information of all the superior and high position personnel will be added to the prevention software. So, whenever someone tries to intrude in the system, every such personnel will be notified and whosoever is nearby can come and take timely action.

4. Communicates both ways

The system not only alerts the company but also gives a warning to the hackers that their illegal activity has been detected and they should leave. This will warn the hacker that you have an advanced system in the place and may not try again to illegally access your system.

Methods of detection

The threat to the network can be detected and prevented by the system in the following ways-

  • Signature-based

This method employs the signatures of the most common threats that exist. When such a threat is detected in the system, the prevention software takes the necessary steps to block the threat. 

  • Anomaly-based

In this method, the software keeps a check on any unusual activity on the system. If such activity is identified, the prevention system takes the necessary steps.

  • Policy-based

Under this method, the intrusion prevention system needs to be configured according to the security policies of the company. If there is any activity that is against this policy, then the system will act to prevent such activity.

Types of IPS systems

The intrusion prevention system can be classified into the following types. You can select any system based on your needs and requirements.

1. Wireless system

This system keeps a check on the activities going on in the wireless network with help of signatures. The system records the system with destructive signatures. If such activity is detected, then the system will block and prevent it.

2. Host-based system

This kind of system works on a single host. It does not work for the whole network but is employed on the single host and makes sure it remains secured and protected from threats. If there is any unusual activity, it detects it and sends the notification to all authorized personnel, and prevents the attack.

3. Network behavior analysis

This system keeps a check on the network and the type of traffic going through it. Whenever any malicious signature passes through the network, the system will detect it and take necessary actions against it. This ensures that the network stays safe and only relevant signature flows through it. 

4. Network-based system

The network-based system keeps a check on the entire network. If it detects any unusual activity, it will immediately report it to the company’s authorized personnel and also take the important steps to block and prevent the threat. 

The intrusion prevention system works along with the intrusion detection system. The intrusion detection system is the system that detects any unusual activity or threats in the network. It notifies the personnel who are signed on the system, regarding any threat in the network.

How is IDS different from IPS?

  • An intrusion prevention system is a system that keeps a check on any destructive signature in the network. Whenever it is detected, it notifies and alerts the authorized personnel. Additionally, it prevents the threat to enter the network and make any damage. 
  • An intrusion detection system does not prevent the attack. It just keeps a check on the network and if any malicious activity is detected, it sends the notification to the authorized personnel who further takes the steps accordingly.

Therefore, an intrusion prevention system is considered better than IDS as it performs two tasks. In addition to the function of IDS, it fights the attack from happening.

With more and operations dependent on modern technology, it also becomes important to safeguard them from all the possible threats. Find the best intrusion prevention service that provides you with the best software which will keep an eye on the activities in the network along with alerting you and preventing the threat whenever it occurs. The system provides you security all the time and even warns the hacker that the threat has been determined.

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