Virtual Conferencing: A New Way to Make Business Deals


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With COVID19 spread all over the world person to person, physical meetings have come to a halt. Meetings and conferences through video calls are the new normal for today’s world.  Below the article here find the new way to make Business deals.

Video conferencing is used for different purposes such as team meetings, business meetings, annual meetings, etc. The latest release of clubhouse which is entirely an audio-based social networking site makes has some best clubhouse bio ideas which you can try. Business deals and the annual or bi-annually held meetings in a firm didn’t have to suffer so much as they only have to have these meetings virtually no more than twice a year. But sectors such as education, IT industries, creative writing firms need to have these meetings daily to discuss their upcoming plans.

There are teams divided into these firm’s offices which are given different projects to work upon. For the project development to run just smooth periodic meetings are a must to discuss project development, any issues, etc. Online team meetings are of prime use to these organizations. 

Another important sector where online team meetings have come in handy is in the field of government administration. With a total lockdown, government officers across different districts can’t meet each other. This was further weakening the coordination between them. As a solution, they too started having online meetings as a result of which the coordination and communication gap was filled again.

There are different applications for a virtual team meeting or video conferencing as we can call it. Some features of these platforms are listed below:

1. Number of participants: These online meeting platforms can accommodate a large number of participants. These can accommodate participants from 100 to as high as 250. Grid view can be enabled as an option to accommodate all 250 persons at a time on screen. Or as an alternative to imagebee, we can enable switch view that will keep changing people from time to time on screen.

2. Duration: These online meetings can last as long as 60 minutes with the free version. On having a subscription to the paid version of these platforms the meetings or virtual conferences can last as long as the host of the meeting wants. 

3. Privacy and security: Online meeting platforms are relatively secure too. Privacy breaches are not a thing here. Only the invited participants can join the meeting who have been provided links by the host of the meeting. Even if someone gets access to the joining link then the joiner needs permission to enter into the meeting by the host. This way meeting hijacking reduces considerably. Also, these meetings are completely end-to-end encrypted so messages, files, or talks are not stored.

4. Compatibility: These online meeting or conferencing applications can be accessed across different platforms such as computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. Swiftly accessibility of these platforms across different devices increases its reach among the masses. These platforms have come victorious even in these grim times due to their simplistic nature. These platforms require a maximum of 50MB of space on phones or laptops. Plus the outreach of these applications in the field of education made it available to all the students over the world, thus increasing its popularity manifold among masses from every section.

Advantages associated with virtual team meetings are listed below:

1. Accessibility: Online meetings are a lot more convenient to access than physical meetings. Previously for physical meetings or conferences, participants had to travel to a fixed venue to join the same. Now with the onset of online meetings participants can join meetings from wherever they want. You must need to see our best caci apps of 2021. The only requirement to join is a video call compatible device and a good internet connection.

2. Cost-effective: Online meetings and conferences are comparatively cost-effective than old-school meetings. Online meetings eliminate the need for the participants to travel from one place to another thus saving money there. Also, there is no need to book conference halls as everyone can appear from their respective offices/homes. So a major chunk of money is saved on there.

3. Communication enhancing: Online meeting is considered more communicative than the offline meetings in today’s world. The absence of distribution and interruption in communication are two things that strengthen the case of online meetings. Additionally, the presence of features like in-call text messages is the thing that enhances communication among employees in an online meeting.

4. Recordable: One of the biggest advantages that online meetings have over offline meetings is that they are recordable. Sites like TechLifePro help let the participants watch the meeting again and again in case they feel that they are missing over any point. It increases productivity since they have access to the decision points in the meeting. 

5. Sharing: Online meeting platforms have the dedicated feature to share screens. This lets them present a presentation from their home. File sharing is also possible over these platforms. For instance, if in an ongoing meeting an employee is making a presentation with some supportive data and the employers need that data for further examination after the meeting, then the employee can simply share the required file with the required data with everyone in the meeting.

6. Environment: Meetings are meant to belong and tiring. With a lot of issues to discuss over and a lot to discuss everything gets printed and gets distributed to every participant. This amounts to a large amount of paperwork which takes a lot of paper. With online meetings in case here, files can directly be shared with the participants in theory systems where they can access them later without the need to print.

To sum up

If retrospected upon the situation that has been in the world for the past year. We can see lockdown came with its advantages and disadvantages. An increase in people using computers for their purpose has been recorded. If you feel your devices are at risk, you should definitely follow this guide to fix hacked Android devices. For workers in different sectors work from home has become a new norm. Online meetings are the new way to interact, decide and progress on any situation. Sure it has its advantages and disadvantages but that’s all that we have got right now, and we are doing fairly well with what is available to us. 

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