How to Fix BluRay Disk need Library for AACS Decoding 2020


How to Fix BluRay Disk need Library for AACS Decoding

VLC Player is one of the most prominent media players on most of the platforms. One of such platforms may include Windows and Linux. In this article, we will discuss the BluRay Disk need Library for AACS Decoding. So let us begin.

Because of its ability to play media from Blu-ray Disks, a lot of people may use it for the same as well. There are many errors reported by many people.

Blu-error says

This Blu-ray disc requires a library for AACS decoding, and your system does not have it right now.

Also, you cannot open the input.

VLC cannot open the MRL, ‘blue ray: //J: /’. Then you need to check the log for details.

So, in the article, we are going to resolve this issue.

How to resolve the Blu-ray disc AACS decoding VLC error?

Whenever you need to download the files from any third party site. Your browser may show a warning before letting you download the file. We also scanned these files and found them unsafe for use.

AACS Decoding

So, if you download any file from the internet, you download it at your own risk.

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Apart from that, because of the unsigned property of the file, the URL and file may be flagged from the browser and computer as well. So, you need to be cautious regarding these safety issues to your computer.

Follow the steps mentioned below to remove the Blu-ray disc AACS decoding VLC error. 

  • First, you need to visit this link.
  • Type in the URL in the address bar and click enter.
  • You may see some warnings saying that the site does not contain an SSL certificate.
  • Click on the link to continue if you are interested to continue.
  • Below Keys Database, click on the “get the file”
  • After that, you can download the KeyDB.cfg file.
  • Next, under the AACS Dynamic Library section, click on that file hyperlink that is associated with your VLC Media Player version.
  • When downloaded, then copy the KEYDB.cfg file.
  • Click WindowsKey + R to open
  • Type %Appdata% and tap ok
  • In the Roaming folder, press the New folder icon on top.
  • Now, you can name the folder as AACS.
  • Open the newly created AACS folder and then paste the KEYDB.cfg file copied in step 5.

Add libaacs.dll to VLC installation folder: AACS decoding

Now, you need to open the folder. Following that, you can copy libaacs.dll to your clipboard.

Open the File Explorer and move to the following location.

C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC orC: \Program Files(x86)\VideoLAN\VLC

  • After that, you can paste your needed library files inside your VLC folder.
  • While doing that, launch VLC media play the Blu-ray disk that is stimulating Blu-ray disk that requires a library for AACS decoding error previously.

When you copy the needed files to the right folder, VLC media plays the Blu-ray disc without showing any error.

The Blu- ray disk also requires a library for AACS decoding errors that may happen if the media player is unable to find the required library files needed to play the content in the disc. Apart from that, you can also resolve the error by following all steps mentioned in the article.

Note: The link that is needed to download the files above is showing an error that the website does not contain an SSL Certificate. You should ignore this message for this website only if no malicious activities have been observed regarding it as well.


Hope you find this article helpful regarding AACS VLC decoding error. You can give us your honest feedback in the comment section. Apart from that, you can also ask your queries to let us help you.

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