Best Apps for Making Money from Your Smartphone 


Apps for making money

The pandemic has affected everyone’s careers, and a lot of people have lost their jobs. Amidst this crisis, people have turned to their smartphones and online jobs to help them survive. Luckily, we live in a tech-savvy generation, and the number of apps and websites which pay you for your skills is growing every day. 

With several platforms and apps available at the click of a mouse- it is very easy for the uninitiated to get duped by scam websites- where your hard work is siphoned away by these scamsters. It’s always better to trust well-known and popular sites.

With basic knowledge and understanding, making money online is easy, and you can do it all from the comfort of your house on your smartphone. Reading reviews and researching before you invest your time in any app is crucial. Here is a list of the best apps for making money, apps that have good reviews and are trustworthy. 

1. Freelancer 

Freelancer is an Australian website and app founded by Matt Barrie. It allows employers, companies to post jobs and job descriptions, and freelancers bid to get selected. Freelancing is a great way to earn a living if you’re a student or don’t like the idea of having a full-time job. 

With over 37.7 million users and 13 million jobs posted as of 2019, it’s one of the biggest freelancing apps. There’s a job for every skill, right from photography to content writing. It is also trustworthy and makes sure you get paid even in the case of a dispute with your employer. 

Freelancer advises keeping all financial transactions within the app. Payments are transferred to your Freelancer account, and you can request to withdraw them at any time. Employers can pay the employees by Milestone Payment System or transfer funds, which are built-in features in the app – this makes Freelancer one of the best apps for making money. 

 The Freelancer app deducts a small percentage of the amount after you get paid. Overall, a great app that helps you make money and put your skills to the test. Freedom to choose projects, the hours you’ll be working for, and your employers, freelancing is a great way to earn money online

2. Swagbucks 

Founded in 2008 by Josef Gorowitz and Scott Dudelson, this app helps you get gift cards and cash for everyday things you do on the internet. Participate in online surveys, polls and watch videos to get paid. An easy way to earn money, Swagbuck is one of the best apps for smartphones.

It has over 15 million users, and this number keeps growing as the app sees 1.5 million to 2 million people enrolling every month. You can also play games and take part in quizzes to get paid. Watching videos and browsing with Swagbucks’ Yahoo! also make you money. 

Registration on Swagbucks is free. You can register either through your Facebook account or your email id. You can transfer as little as $2, so you don’t have to wait for your money. Swagbucks also has a feature known as Gold Survey, which shows you the duration of tasks and the points you can earn by completing the task. 

Swagbucks is a great way to make a few bucks in your free time. Getting gift cards to shop online is an advantage you wouldn’t want to miss.

3. Survey junkie 

Best Apps for making money

Survey Junkie is one of the apps for making money that pays you for online surveys. You can take surveys based on your profile and what products you use. Write your honest reviews of a product, which will help companies improve their offerings. 

This app rewards you with points that can be redeemed for e-gift cards or transferred to PayPal account. You can transfer the money directly to your bank account or opt for cashouts via Amazon gift cards.

It’s completely free to sign up. You can sign up and get starters immediately. The survey answers are completely anonymous, and the easy user interface makes Survey Junkie a legitimate, easy-to-use money-earning app. 

The rewards can also be transferred to PayPal accounts and used to make in-game purchases, play video games, and place bets on sites like caesar sportsbook, Draft kings, and more. 

4. Google opinion rewards 

One of the best money-earning apps, Google opinion rewards, also offers rewards in the form of Google Playstore credits. A great way to make Google Play credit online, Google opinion rewards is an app backed by Google, making it free from scams and privacy issues. Take short surveys regarding products, hotel reviews, personal opinions, and multiple topics to get rewards. 

It offers local surveys based on where you reside. Surveys can take anywhere between 10 seconds and 1 minute to complete. The credits that you earn by completing surveys are available for a year. 

You can also opt for PayPal credit. These points can be redeemed for Android apps, Google Music, Magazines, and others. Pay for all your Google-related entertainment services by the rewards. 

5. Rakuten 

Shop at Rakuten and get cash back at thousands of their stores. With over 15 million members and more than 2,500 store partners, Rakuten is indubitably one of the most popular apps for making money. 

Get cash backs after shopping from Amazon, H&M, eBay, and numerous other websites. The cash backs are as high as 10% of the total amount you’ve spent. You can also opt for PayPal payments. Joining Rakuten is completely free, and you also get a bonus of $10 on purchasing within ninety days of becoming a member. 

Rakuten has paid its members around $2 billion in cashback from the time it started. It’s a frequently used app by a lot of people and is a legitimate website for making extra money. You can also opt for paid online surveys on Rakuten. This is one of the easiest and best apps for making money. 

There are apps and websites like Acorns, Wikibuy, Sweatcoin, TaskRabbit, and many others that earn you money and rewards that can be redeemed. This is a great head start if you’re a student trying to make a few bucks for your monthly expenses. Always read reviews and be aware of the risks if it’s a new app or a website. With security precautions and legitimate websites, earning money online is easier than ever!

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