Automated Guided Vehicles: The Benefits That They Add To A Warehouse And Manufacturing Work Space

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) robots are used in many warehouse settings. Favoured for their ability to automatically navigate through warehouses and manufacturing spaces, AGV’s offer many benefits to workplace. 

The adaptability of AGV robots

The adaptability of an AGV robot is one of the benefits valued by businesses. Easily programmable and built for easy route and task transitions, you don’t need to be a seasoned programmer to get these robots on the floor. 

Some other core benefits that AGV robots are valued for are:

    • Flexibility. This falls in line with the above, where AGV’s ease of adaptation offers an appealing package.
    • Increased production cycles. AGV’s tend to do the manual work that can be passed on by humans. Doing this increases accuracy of production predictions and meets targets easier. 
  • Reduced rates in retrieving and handling. This leads off the previous point, where routine tasks are taken care of with predictability and ease. 

AGV’s can also be implemented into both new and existing workspaces. Many providers offer hands on assistance both the beginning and pre-existing stages of a workspace. 

The customisation possibilities of AGV’s

AGV’s offer many customisations that can be optimized to work with needed tasks.

These highlights include:

  • Optical and magnetic interfacing
  • Laser guided vehicles (LGV)
  • Range/contour sensing
  • Varying load handling technologies

In addition, Autonomous Guided Vehicles are valued for their high ROI. Because of this, AGV’s are commonly invested in the warehouse and manufacturing workspace. 

Ways that AGV’s commonly contribute towards the efficiency of a workplace are:

  • Scanning barcodes
  • Pallet loading –lifting of heavy goods
  • Tracking of products such as boxes and cartons
  • Built in laser and sensors to detect motion 
  • Reduced stock damage
  • Increased flexibility for human work duties 
  • Reduced manual labour, leading to skill development opportunities
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