Best Guide to Avoid Common WordPress Security Breaches


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WordPress security is a matter of concern for every website owner in the current times. The cyber attackers are continuously making efforts to harm the reputation of your business and steal away your valuable data. WordPress Security Breaches have impacted the entire world massively and therefore there is an urgent need to remove all the vulnerabilities and strengthen up the security more than ever.

Risk reduction should be a continuous task and a number of measures can really help with the same. There are backdoor vulnerabilities, malicious threads, and denial of service- all degrading the level of security. 

Here, we have created an entire guide to guard you against the same. Let us dive in and understand the same in a detailed manner:

1. Regular updates for the win

There is a continuous need of maintaining and updating WordPress to remain more secure in the digital environment. In most of the cases, there is a need to start the update process manually. 

Frequently the updates are released by the third-party developers and there is a need to pay attention to the same. Some of the businesses do not take this seriously and therefore observe high losses in the long term. 

Therefore, it is important to remain regularly updated to strengthen the security with time.

2. Strong password policy

Weak passwords can be a massive threat to the reputation of the organization and does impact valuable data of the organization. 

There is a need to implement a strong password policy across the entire business and train the members in the same. A password manager can also be utilized in order to manage passwords effectively. 

The passwords must be changed frequently to have a strong security backbone. It is essential to limit the number of users having the important passwords across the organization as per their roles and responsibilities.

3. Shut off directory listings

Careful actions must be taken to guard the website with even stronger measures. There is a need to deactivate the directory listings as the hackers can get an idea about your valuable files, images, and structure of the entire directory. 

It should be prevented, and this can be done easily by disabling the directory listings. If the cyber attackers get the access to the same, they can utilize it as per their convenience and hack the entire site for the capitalization.

4. Security through Firewall

WAF (Web Application Firewall) can be effective in amplifying the security by preventing risk of breach. 

For allowing only the nonmalicious traffic to the server, there’s DNS Level Website Firewall that functions efficiently. Then, Application-Level Firewall can also play a key role in filtering the server load. 

WAF serves an overall purpose of selective permission, monitoring, and restricting suspicious traffic.

5. Strong SSL Security: 

SSL security is crucial to every business. There are threats prevailing in the digital world and such threats can be dealt with special ssl certificates. 

WordPress Security Breaches are no exception in the digital world. To secure a website, you need a ssl certificate. If the business is having different domains or subdomains then, it is a wise decision to buy multi domain SSL for easy certificate management and costing point of view. These follow HTTPS protocol instead of HTTP guard you against threats and help you win user trust. 

We recommend you conduct thorough research before making a purchase to make an excellent choice.

6. Fixed login attempts: 

Users must not be allowed unlimited login attempts in order to ensure WordPress site security. A number of plug-ins can be installed in order to guard the website with stronger security. 

As a security measure, some of the websites blocked the IP address of the users in case they exceed the limited attempts. You can highly reduce the chances of brute force attack by restricting the login attempts thereby making the hackers unsuccessful in their malicious activities.

7. Restriction on free premium plugins download: 

Though it might appear as a great deal to have the perks of plugin at no costs, it is essential to keep a check on the same. It is used as a way for the cyber attackers to seep into your system and take away your valuable data. 

As the entire WordPress security guide suggests, Plugins are crucial and must be purchased through right ways only from an authorized seller and trusted place. Do not fall for the malware peddlers in an attempt to save a petty amount.

8. Reliable host: 

Making a reliable decision on the host of your WordPress site is really important. It is usually seen that if not paid attention firm servers are easily compromised and the website will suffer as a result. 

The host should not have any sort of vulnerabilities or loopholes and provide you enough security to function properly. As per the experts, it is cardinal to choose the host properly and thereby maintain security in the digital environment.

WordPress Security Breaches


Though WordPress comes with a lot of perks where it is ensured that the things are patched up as early as possible yet there are cases where the vulnerabilities have resulted in massive losses. 

With the increase in the number of websites that are powered by the same on the Internet, it is the need of the hour to pay more attention to security. 

With all the above-mentioned steps, it is made sure that the securities are kept intact, and no malicious threat can impact the reputation of the organization. An amalgamation of special certificates, strong password, and creation of back up, a strong trained team is preferred the most in this era where the users prioritize digital security. 

By the application of all the steps, the organization can build up a strong, secure foundation, and climb up the staircase of success in no time.

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