The 5 Best B2B SaaS Practices for LinkedIn Advertising


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A powerful way B2B SaaS business can achieve its goals is through LinkedIn advertising. If your goal is promoting your brand or capturing more quality leads, LinkedIn advertising is for you. With its convenient and easy-to-understand platform, LinkedIn ads for SaaS companies allow you to do more work with less stress. This article discusses the five best B2B SaaS practices for LinkedIn advertising. 

B2B SaaS Practices for LinkedIn Advertising
B2B SaaS Practices for LinkedIn Advertising

Although understanding the LinkedIn ads platform doesn’t take long, it is essential to follow the best practices still helping you reach your goal. 

Using A Free Company Page to Set Your Company Up for Success

Laying a solid foundation for your company on LinkedIn is essential before starting your advertising campaign. This step is necessary because it is also required for specific ad formats. You can establish your brand presence on LinkedIn by creating a free LinkedIn company page for your B2B SaaS business.

The next step after setting up your company page is creating a LinkedIn campaign manager account. You need this account to manage the ads platform properly. By signing in to the account, you can set up ad accounts, run campaigns, and even control your budget.

Creating Captivating Content

It is best to familiarize yourself with LinkedIn ad formats before creating LinkedIn ads; This helps you determine the best format for your goals. The three different forms of LinkedIn ads include Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, and text ads (pay-per-click). 

Usually, people utilize LinkedIn to gain unique insights relevant to their industry or business. Putting yourself in your audience’s shoes helps you consider the best ad format that most catches your attention. Furthermore, in addition to choosing a language that will appeal to your audience, include a clear, compelling copy that directs your leads to take action.

Additionally, your B2B SaaS business can achieve its goals by following some best practices in your ads including, adding a relevant image to your advertisement, linking a landing page that matches the message, and addressing your specific audience directly. Also, using a strong call-to-action and refreshing your ads with new text or images at least once a month is the best practice to include in your ads.

Ensuring You Target Specific Audience Segments

Relevant LinkedIn ads to a specific target audience are the ones that perform best. The LinkedIn ads platform is unique; it helps you target your audience based on what they do professionally, ensuring you spend only to place your ad in front of your strongest prospects.

You can filter your target by job title, industry, job security, company name, degrees, skills, year of experience, and many more.

Furthermore, LinkedIn advertising provides plenty of targeting facet options. However, you must always use the location field – a specific city or a broader area. It is best to always filter your target audience by at least one or two more fields. Nevertheless, you have to be careful to avoid hyper-targeting or selecting too many fields because it can hurt your initial campaign. LinkedIn advertising experts recommend an audience size between 20,000 and 80,000 for maximum results.

Apart from LinkedIn ads, other options for reaching your target audience on LinkedIn include Website Retargeting for re-engaging website visitors, Contact Targeting for nurturing prospects, and Company Targeting for running account-based marketing campaigns

Testing Your Ads

Your LinkedIn advertising goal should be giving your audience the content they crave. However, how do you do that? It is advisable to create at least two to four variations of each campaign. To do this, test different ad copies, call-to-action-buttons, or images. Although these changes may look small, they have a big impact by identifying the content that most appeals to your audience.

When your LinkedIn ads start receiving clicks, you will see the best performing ad; You can pause ads with lower click-through rates. However, instead of tossing out such ads completely, make them more appealing by showing them some TLC. Afterward, test the ads again.

Setting a Competitive Bid

When it comes to budget or bidding, there is no specific formula for success. Learning what is best for your business takes time and testing. However, you can follow some basic practices for LinkedIn ads bidding.

Setting your SMART goals for why you’re using LinkedIn advertising is a great place to start. First, it is best to determine what you’re trying to achieve, then set and measure your budget accordingly. When setting your budget, ensure you lay the foundation for a long-term strategy. Testing with at least $100/day or $5000 in total is recommended on LinkedIn; this is a bit high for most SaaS startups. Therefore, aiming for $200/week is recommended.

You have to set a bid in the higher end of the suggested bid range for competitive goals. The range is an estimate of the current competing bids by other advertisers. Usually, LinkedIn discounts your bid such that you only pay the maximum amount necessary to outbid the next advertiser.

In Conclusion

LinkedIn is the best for B2B SaaS company advertising, and you can rest assured of getting the desired results when you test and try as much as possible during your campaigns.  

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