5 Basic Essentials of Text Automation Software 


In this technological era, everyone is busy in their lives; therefore, remembering important 

meetings can be tricky. Due to workload or other stressful activities, we often forget things,

 whether a meeting with a client or a particular day. This can result in a loss of revenue or a big 

deal in a workplace. Indeed, you can hire employees to handle these tasks, but they too can 

forget amid pressure and other issues. This is where you should consider implementing 

automation software. This software does the job of an administrator but in a more efficient 

manner. Send automated appointment reminders, receipts, and other communications with 

Thryv’s text automation solution. Following are the five essentials of text automation software 

that will help your business operations and much more.  

Text Templates

Text automation software has a variety of text templates for different usages. This allows you to import data into these templates according to your preferences. Moreover, you can also use template design to communicate and send emails to your clients and partners. The format is professional and doesn’t require much effort on your part. These textual templates eliminate manual input, thus saving time and effort. 

Generate Codes 

Your text automation software should be able to generate a shortcode for your business. Now you may think, why do I need a code? You need a code for your business because it serves as an identity and adds authenticity to your brand. QR codes are the prime example, where scanning a simple code will reveal all the information of a particular brand. 

Automated Reminders 

A text automation software’s main job is to send automated reminders. Ensure that the text automation software you are purchasing can regularly send automated reminders. It will be a plus point if it can send you review requests and payment communications. 

Custom Promotions 

Your text automation software should be able to create custom promotions. Custom promotions are incentives that you give to your partners and customers. A text automation software can generate a coupon for such promotions and keeps a perfect record of the same. This will help your business enter new markets while also maintaining the smoothness of your sales and administrative operations. 

Increase Your Customers 

A text automation software sends your customers messages and emails regarding new promotions, deals, and discounts. However, the software can also increase lead generations and help your business close them. It will send automated text messages and emails to potential new customers and follow up with them. Therefore, pick a text automation software that has a powerful CRM that can make lists of customers and leads for you to develop your business. 

Your business will be a success if it stays ahead of its competition. Text automation software can help you remember important events and dates while updating your customers about the brand. Moreover, it offers reliability which is impossible to get from a human resource doing the same job. Therefore, implement good text automation software to stay ahead of your competitors. 

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