Battlefield 2042: 5 Tips and Tricks to Dominate the Opposition


Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 is the right game for you, especially if you like crowded and chaotic fight scenarios. This banks on the fact that you have 64 players on the other team who wouldn’t hesitate to put a bullet in your skull. 

Worse still is the fact that they can surface from anywhere, even overhead from indestructible hovercrafts and choppers. So, to give you the upper hand over your enemies, we have compiled 5 life-saving tips in this article. In addition, Aimclub provides some tips to help you thrive in the game. 

5 Battlefield 2042 tips and tricks to dominate the opposition

1. Keep yourself shielded always

Killing is a very important part of the game. But don’t forget that you are not immortal in the game and can be killed instantly. This makes it very important to add some armor to your vest. This will give you an advantage since very few Battlefield 2042 players use it.

Also, you may get caught in a scenario where you’re faced with a foe that matches your precision and accuracy. The only difference between you and the opposition, in this case, is which one of you has some armor on. A little piece of armor at the right place and in time could mark the difference between life and death. 

2. Have some supplementary weapons within reach

Battlefield 2042 has weapons that can contain a sufficient amount of ammo. However, you may be tough enough to run out of ammo before the end of the game. If your weapon takes a considerable amount of time to reload, you’re as good as dead if an enemy was close by. A good advice is to have another ammo type in the quick attachments swap menu.

This makes it possible to have a backup option if you ever run out of ammo. It also serves as a better alternative to looting corpses for weapons as you might be vulnerable in the process. While using the backup ammo, make sure to loot some corpses for weapons. It will save your hide if this one also gets depleted.

3. Make good use of your practice time.

The movement mechanics of Battlefield 2042 can be a whole lot to digest. And you wouldn’t want to put yourself and the entire team at risk by going unprepared for the game. Thankfully, you can practice with bots in co-op or solo matches. So it will help you to get the experience you’ll need in real online matches against real opponents.

You also get to practice using the 10 different characters available in the game, learning their abilities in the process. Finally, you can unlock guns in these solo matches for use in actual matches. It helps you select your preferred weapon and character and get fortified for your games.

4. Don’t use your snow outfits on Hourglass’ sand dunes

Ever wondered why soldiers in real life wear camouflage? I’m sure you guessed right. The same applies to Battlefield 2042- some outfits make it easy for you to blend into the background. This reduces your chances of being seen by an unsuspecting opponent, allowing you to make unexpected maneuvers.

On the other hand, wearing outfits with odd colors makes it easier for your opponents to spot you. That said, you can deduce that you need to use tan outfits in deserts, dark ones at night, and green in the forest. Whatever you choose, make sure it gives you some amount of cover.

5. Be picky with weapons.

For some strange reasons, weapons in Battlefield 2042 suck. However, there are still some good weapons you can choose from. A good way to select your weapons is during the co-op match with bots. 

It is important to experiment with different weapons in this mode to know which suites your playstyle. Also, go for weapons with low recoil for increased accuracy. In this category, the dominant PP-29 becomes a great pick.


These tips and tricks are not magical words that will just change things overnight. So be aware that it will take some time for you to get a firm grip on these tips. Therefore, it’s important that you patiently and consciously apply these tips in your next Battlefield 2042 game.

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