Top 7 Best Apps on IOS for Studying


To achieve academic excellence, students engage in various academic activities, with studying being the most critical. Typically, students manage their time between personal and academic activities, complicating college or university life. When it comes to academic work, a student must be careful about deadlines and revisions, not to mention their workload that includes to-do lists. Though many assignment writing services like wr1ter exist to help students out, today, we will focus on technological advances. Apple has made life easier for students by developing IOS apps that facilitate studying. The top 7 best apps include:

Notes Plus

In today’s digital age, where the need for paperwork is slowly becoming unnecessary, this app enables learners to go completely paperless by converting one’s handwriting into typed text. Moreover, its automatic shape detection tool allows students to take notes during lectures. Using the conversion tool, students can scribble down as much as they can as quickly as possible during a lecture without worrying about retyping the work later. The app also allows students to insert images from their photo gallery or directly from the camera.


This particular app is an essential tool for students studying creative writing or journalism or finding writing a pleasant hobby. The app’s library holds all content that a student may choose to write about and helps a student to manage writing projects of all sizes. In addition, the iCloud tool syncs the library with other connected devices, allowing one to do their writing on their Mac computer, iPhone, or iPad. The best thing about this app is converting text into a Word document, PDF, or eBook. 

Fantastical 2

This app allows one to organize events in a list and have a week or month view on the same screen. It also has a reminder feature that nudges a student when a particular assignment is due. The app allows students to capture their existing calendar accounts and keep all their academic or personal events in sync. It also allows students to quickly upload files or images from the app to their Google, iCloud, or Exchange events. The app also has a scheduling tool to schedule study time or group work with their college friends.


This app makes it easier to plan tasks and events, meaning it is the best thing to happen to those who love to maintain to-do lists. It even allows one to attach Word documents and PDF files or add a video to their to-do lists. Using the app, students can organize tasks and set reminders to share them with their fellow students. In addition, the app has a functionality that allows a student to organize notes using different “notebooks,” meaning a student can choose to make their work private or share it with others.


This app is a must-have for creative students or those whose academic work involves accomplishing complex projects. The app allows students to brainstorm concepts, develop storyboards, and sketch ideas. Then, when working on a desktop computer or other mobile application, the app allows students to export their ideas to Photoshop to make finishing touches. The best thing is that the app allows a student to keep their brainstorm work all together to create a new group, meaning they do not get overwhelmed with annotations and scribbles.


This app is an essential formatting tool that helps students with font customization, among others, to focus on the content. In addition, the app functions as an “all-in-one workspace,” meaning a student can create to-do lists, calendars, notes, pages and subpages, and toggle lists. The best thing is that a student can do all these without opening multiple tabs or switching windows. As such, when making notes for a particular course, one can use one collective page to create separate subpages for each lecture/topic and add a list of deadlines or timetables. 


This app increases reading speed, thereby allowing one to read as many texts as possible within a limited time. The app provides summaries from over 3,000 bestselling books across various disciplines, including education, health, economics, entrepreneurship, and leadership. A student can access a distilled book that takes a maximum of 15 minutes to read in the text, although there is also an audio version. Every month there is an additional 40 new titles, meaning a student can use the app to discover new perspectives and sharpen their professional skills.

To sum up, the above IOS apps have made studying a less complicated exercise for college and university students who always have to balance their time between academic engagement and personal pursuits. While each app has its benefits in the learning environment, they all confirm that Apple’s IOS is a valuable tool in the education sector.


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