The Best Mario Games Ever on All Nintendo Consoles 


Mario Games  

All the different games in which Mario features are great fun to play. From Mario Kart to Super Smash bros, there is something for everyone. We have compiled a list of the best games in which Mario features. Moreover, these are the best games on all Nintendos, from the original NES to today’s Nintendo Switch. 

Everyone — of all ages has played the Nintendo, it is the perfect family video game. If you prefer Nintendo’s handheld gaming, check out guide to what’s next for handheld gaming. So let’s dive in. Here are the best Mario games of all time:

Mario Kart Double Dash (Gamecube) 

One of the most iconic games of all time, Mario Kart: Double Dash is the only Mario Kart whereby you select 2 players to play with whilst driving. One is driving whilst the second teammate is in charge of using the item box to either attack or defend against other players. Additionally, the character on the back can barge the other cars to gain an upper hand and is definitely one of the most frantic versions of Mario Kart. 

Super Mario Party (Switch) 

The Mario Party series is one of the most exciting games to play with your family or friends. The game is played on a board and the objective is to collect the most amount of coins and ultimately stars. On the switch, there are tonnes of great features such as mini-games, character dice bonuses, and item shop to boost your position on the board. Everyone loves games and bonuses, and in real life offers this, their team of professional gamblers has scoured the web to bring us a hand-picked list of the best South African casinos ranked on varied payment options, customer support, bonuses, and fast payouts. 

Super Mario Party uses the small controllers attached to the Switch console, so the mini-games can vary. The format is 4 players, 2 vs 2 or 1 vs 3, and coins are rewarded to the winner of any given game respectively. Moreover, at the end of the game, whoever won the most amount of mini-games will be awarded a star. The overall winner of the game will be the player with the highest number of stars.

Super Mario Bros 3 (NES) 

The original NES was so much fun and in our opinion, the best game was Super Mario Bros 3. A very exciting platform game for its time, the aim of the game was to get to the end of the level without being killed by numerous hazards along the way. Along the way you collect coins, 1UPs (extra life), and item boxes to defeat the characters that can kill you or make you smaller such as the turtles or the Goombas. 

The mystery boxes have; the star (which makes you invincible for 10 seconds), the mushroom (which makes you grow), the leaf (which allows you to fly), and the flower (which allows you to shoot the hazards). When you have got to the end of the level, to complete you must jump to get a flower, mushroom, or star icon. When three are collected you get a bonus of more lives (depending on the combo you obtain). 

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch) 

The Switch is an engineering masterpiece that allows you to seamlessly move between handheld gaming or play from the console directly on your TV. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe gets a mention because of its online function allowing you to play against other players all around the world. You are able to play in tournaments and increase your ranking, furthermore, if you are with a friend, two of you can play online against a global or regional audience. 

The latest version of Mario Kart has all the classic tracks such as Rainbow Road or Baby Park. There are brand new exciting tracks to play such as Mount Wario. Moreover, there are new item boxes such as the Crazy Eight, whereby it gives you 8 items to be used against opponents all at once. You are able to play the game with the mini controller or the pro controller so it is fun for all the family!


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