Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO


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Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO
Best Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a game based on augmented reality(AR). The game was developed by Niantic with the collaboration of Nintendo. The game was released on July 6, 2016, worldwide. GPS technology of the mobile is used in this game. The game is free-to-play. The biggest advantage of the game is that it supports physical activity.

There are more than 600 Pokemon available in the game. All of them are versatile and have their qualities. Once you catch a Pokemon, now it will be your responsibility to grow them to their full potential.

In-Game Rewards:

Like every other game, there are rewards present in the game. Rewards present in the game are named Candies and Stardust. These rewards help the players by improving the game level. There are online websites available from where you can get player accounts with a lot of rewards. The player level in those accounts is advanced. You can check for Pokemon go Accounts for sale offers at online marketplaces from other players.

Pokemon in the Game:

All the available Pokemon in the game are divided into two basic categories. We will be discussing some of the best Pokemon from each category.



If we take into account the opinion of professionals, Mewtwo is the best attacker in the game. The damage caused by Mewtwo reaches 4000 cp at max. On the other hand, Mewtwo has the extraordinary ability to deal with huge damage even in neutral matches.

Considering all of the above-mentioned qualities, Mewtwo is a bit harder to come by. 


Machamp is a powerful attacker, although a little frail. However, you will realize that many of the best defensive Pokémon are weak against combat-type attacks, which gives Machamp a distinct advantage. We recommend running Counter or Dynamic Punch, although Cross Chop and Close Combat also work well.


The best water type currently available in Pokémon GO, Kyogre is regularly available in raids and ships with excellent defense stat as well as a strong offense. Use Hydro Pump or Surf to outrun bulky rock and ground type defenders or raid bosses. Ice Beam is another option if you’re up against a dragon or want cover against the grass types that will deal super effective damage in return.



Blissey’s health and defense stats are extremely good, which makes it the perfect Pokemon to leave him for a gym session for few hours and collect daily coins reward. The damage done by this will be minimal, but the volume will keep it high for a long time.


There are very few types of ice that make them attacking teams. Dragonite is one of them. Dragonite also offers better defense than many other Pokemon, aside from being easier to get from 10k Eggs, and therefore can maintain a defensive position. A good attack stat and a flying strike make this a nice Machamp counter in a gym.


Steel is a great defensive type Pokemon with few weaknesses, and Registeel has the best-combined stats of all of Pokémon GO’s steel types. Again, since he’s legendary, he can’t be put into gyms, but he’ll end up on a high percentage of Great League teams in GO Battle League.

There are many other Pokemon available in Pokemon GO that is good defensively and are good in attack.

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