Best Streaming Apps for Android users


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Streaming on large screen is not always convenient. We have started relying on smartphones. If you are wondering to find a way to keep up with your favorite TV shows and movies while lying in your bed, riding the subway, or sitting in the park, you are at the right place!

Almost all streaming platforms offer applications for Android users. However, territorial licensing restrictions still threat thousands of Android users who wish to access their favorite TV shows and movies.

Luckily, using a VPN, Android users can bypass these restrictions and watch anything from anywhere. For example, you can watch blocked streaming platforms in New Zealand with a VPN.

With so many streaming applications available on Google Play Store, Android users can easily get confused about choosing any particular one. 

Best Streaming Apps for Android users

We have sorted out the best streaming apps. So, you can get the best and most optimized streaming content on your device anywhere. 

1. Momix

This streaming application has a user interface that is very much similar to Netflix, and it loads video streams very quickly. You can use this streaming application to view TV shows and movies from all the major video-on-demand streaming platforms. 

The best part of this application includes supporting HD video streaming, no annoying advertisements, and access to premium content without paying any subscription fees. 

You can also create a video playlist depending on your mood or genre. If the application is not working on your network, you can always use a virtual private network or proxy service. 

Momix’s other features include subtitles for a better streaming experience and download the content for later viewing. 

2. Bee TV

Bee TV

Called by many the unlocked version of Netflix and Amazon Prime, the Bee TV application will provide you several links that you can use to watch your TV show or movie. You can even download the content from any of those links. 

With a clean and simple user interface like Netflix, you can enjoy your shows without worrying about the annoying ads. 

3. Sony Crackle

Sony Crackle is a product of Sony Entertainment, and you can expect many TV shows and movies produced by Sony Pictures. While you can access them without any subscription, be mentally prepared for annoying advertisements. 

Thanks to Sony’s partnership with those companies, you can also find content produced by different production houses. 

A few of the Sony Crackle application’s features include super-fast loading, a free account with storage capacities, HD video quality streaming, and an easy and super-friendly user internet. 

4. Movie Box

Movie Box

Movie Box is one of the most popular streaming applications because it offers a smooth user interface and easy navigation. 

It is also the most talked-about streaming application as it offers several features at zero cost. It is one of the best alternatives for many premium streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, and more. 

Few noticeable Movie Box features include no requirement of account for use, no annoying advertisements, HD quality streaming, ability to search the content using various filters, download option for the later viewer, and extensive content library updated regularly. 

You can also download this application directly from its direct download APK link if you can’t find it from your country’s Google Play Store. 

5. Vudu

A great streaming application that can offer you full-feature length movies at 1080p HD streaming. Vudu also offers some of the best and clear sound quality, apart from the video quality. 

It also sorts movies by categories such as comedy, thriller, horror, actions, and more. Its user-friendly interface allows access to these movies immediately. You can also rent out movies and watch thousands of free movies with few advertisements, of course. 

Vudu streaming application’s noticeable features include 4K Ultra HD video streaming, short advertisements, completely free registration, and even Chromecast support. 

6. Tea TV

As for our recommendation for the day, we are going with Tea TV. This popular streaming service also allows you to stream and download different TV shows and movies. 

Tea TV application design appeals to many users, and it also supports 1080p video streaming with the ability to work with Fire devices. 

Tea TV’s popular features include HD streaming, a download option, a simple design, information about the latest movies and shows, and a pause and resume button for watching shows later.

The Bottom Line

If you are tired of constantly streaming your favorite TV shows and movies on your laptops, computers, Smart TVs, and other media player devices. It’s time to stream from your Android. The article above helps you find the best streaming app for your Android. Also, check out easy ways to fix Netflix errors.    


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