Blackjack Strategies for Beginners


Blackjack is perhaps the simplest of casino games. That’s why Blackjack appeals to everyone, whether you’re a newbie or a professional gambler. You can play Blackjack without having to make risky moves and not too clever moves. However, as in every gambling game, there are some strategies in Blackjack.

In today’s article, we decided to prepare Blackjack strategies for beginners. Of course, we will not create a Blackjack master from you. However, we will try to give you quality tips to improve yourself and gamble more consciously. Now, if you are ready, let’s get started and take a brief look at all the details of our guide.

Check the Croupier’s Up Card

The best thing to do in the BlackJack starting phase is to check the croupier’s hand. With a classic control, you can get ahead from the very beginning. Therefore, you must determine whether the croupier’s card is good or bad.

Let’s say the croupier has a 2 to 6 cards in their hand, which is bad. If they have 7 or more than 7 cards, it means they are good. Depending on whether these cards are good or bad, you need to start making your next move. But the first rule is to focus on the croupier’s hand.

Start Small

Beginners should start with small coins no matter what gambling game they play. Avoid serious amounts of gambling until you have fully mastered the game. Otherwise, you may experience irreversible losses. Starting small allows you to gamble with firmer steps.

You can also play multiple Blackjack games with small payouts. You can test various games until you find the game that appeals to you. After all, you won’t lose much when you play with small coins. Even if you are using crypto, we have a piece of very good advice for you. The industry leader, Thunderpick, offers a variety of the best bitcoin Blackjack games. Maybe you can find quality Blackjack games to your taste.

Start Small

Focus on the Card You Can’t See in the Croupier’s Hand

Professional Blackjack players always accept the card that the croupiers cannot see in their hand as 10. Because if the croupier does not have a value of 10 on the face-up card, the probability of being on the face-down card is very high. Considering this possibility, you should take your steps accordingly. Let’s say the croupier’s up card has a card lower than 6. Then you may need to follow the basic strategy. If you have cards higher than 17, then you can stand. If you have a lower number, you can take a serious risk and hit. In short, you make classic moves.

At this point, the important detail is to focus on the card that you can’t see in the croupier’s hand. If the value of the second card is low, you can request a card from the croupier by taking a risk anyway.

Situations to Double Your Bet

Let’s say the sum of your cards is 11. Then remember, you will be betting to get 10. And you have nothing to lose, at worst you can get close to 21. Or you can do BlackJack directly. In general, pros recommend doubling the bet when the total of the cards is 11. Because you will most likely win.

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Beware of Soft Hands

You may be wondering what soft hands are. Primarily, a soft hand is a hand that counts as 1 or 11 with an ace in it. It appears when you are dealt high-value cards. Whether a hand is soft or not is up to the gambler’s preference. Let’s say you draw an Ace and 9, you can take a risk and make a Stand directly. Or, on the contrary, you can try your luck by hitting it because it is soft total. Because the highest card you can get will be 10, this will give you a total of 20 hands. In short, you will win. However, as we said, soft total and hard total depend on the preferences of the users. In general, it is not recommended to make such moves without professionalizing.

The Importance of the Blackjack Win streak

Strategy does not mean that it will always be based on winning the game. Sometimes you can even make strategy plans for the bet you play. For example, let’s say you win 3 or more hands in a row at Blackjack. You’re on a good streak. Generally, in this case, professional gamblers recommend increasing your bet. Let’s say you start losing again, in which case they suggest you lower your increased bet.

Blackjack Win streak

Because most gamblers make the mistake of playing the game for a long time before making money. Well, before you start playing Blackjack, try to set a goal for yourself. After you set your goal, you can continue playing until you reach it. Do not forget that the most basic point of winning in gambling is to play consciously. If you succumb to the urge to keep playing, you will likely lose more than $500 that day.

Hit and Stand Playing Situations

Hit and Stand situations can sometimes differ. However, at some points you should not apply it strictly. For this, we will list some possible moves for you below.

  • If you don’t have aces in your hand and your points total is 17, 18, 19 and 20, you should definitely not use the hit option.
  • Never use the Stand if you have cards with 11 points or less.
  • If Croupier’s face-up card is 4, 5, or 6 and your hand has 12-16 cards, never hit.
  • Never use the Stand if croupier has a 7 or higher card plus you have 12-16 cards in your hand.
  • Always use the Hit option if you have an Ace and your point total is less than 17.

Final Words

In today’s article, we wanted to make Blackjack recommendations for beginners. Although we did not give professional advice, we hope to prevent unconscious beginnings.

Also, if you have anything you want to add about Blackjack, please do not forget to share it as a comment. By the way, if you found Blackjack complicated, would you like to check out easier casino games? If you take a few minutes to browse, you may find games you like.

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