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The government of many countries had to urgently consider the issues of regulating cryptocurrencies, as they have become incredibly popular and are actively used around the world. Moreover, the blockchain itself is in demand not only among speculators, brokers, or large entrepreneurs — now this technology is interesting even for an ordinary user who wants to quickly and safely manage their funds.

Let’s talk about the history of the world’s first cryptocurrency, changes in its price, which is important for bitcoin trading, and also analyze what prospects await the token in the future.

How Did It Appear?

Interestingly, the creation of the BTC went relatively quietly and without much fanfare — a limited circle of people knew about the launch of a new project. On August 18, 2008, the creators registered a new domain, which became the official website. Two months later, White Paper appeared on the portal, and then the article was sent to all project participants — it described the concept of a completely anonymous and decentralized currency, for the management of which all nodes (miners) must come to a single agreement.

Fun fact: the first publications on the site belong to a certain Satoshi Nakamoto, who is considered to be the creator of BTC. However, to date, the identity of this person has not been established — most experts believe that the creator is an American or a Briton, despite the Japanese etymology of the nickname.

History OF Price Frustrations

Most cryptocurrencies are quite volatile, so wild price fluctuations are not surprising. It`s important that even the maximum drop in value is not a guarantee that the investor will become a lame duck and lose all the assets. If you follow exactly bitcoin, you can find out such facts:

  • at first, the coin cost mere trifles, about 1 cent, since no one saw the potential and didn`t want to invest;
  • the sharpest price jump was observed in 2017 when the cost exceeded 20 thousand dollars;
  • the sharpest price reduction occurred in 2018 when the cost dropped to $3,000;
  • and in 2019 the exchange rate began to rise sharply again, in 2020 it fell, in 2021 it grew again.

What can we see? Each decrease in the price of cryptocurrency is followed by an impressive increase. Peak values ​​reached 13-14 thousand dollars, the minimum fluctuated at the level of 4-6.5 thousand dollars. This way, if you carefully analyze the charts, you can see the pattern and make money on these fluctuations. However, this method is not suitable for quick earnings.

What Do Experts Think?

Most well-known experts, including major financial analyst Max Keizer, believe that a critical rise in the price of bitcoin will occur again in 2022. In the next 2023-2024, the price of the cryptocurrency may break the record high of 100 thousand US dollars.

Another prominent personality in the field of entrepreneurship and investment, Robert Kiyosaki, claims that investments in BTC will soon become more profitable than in gold assets. He names $75K as a close price threshold for this cryptocurrency. Thus, there is a very strong possibility that all digital assets will soon enter their golden age.

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