Complete Guide How to Change Your Name on Facebook


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How to Change Your Name on Facebook

Editing your name on a legal document is a  complex and time-consuming process. Moreover, you cannot change it of your own choice unless you have some proof with you. But do you know, this process is simple on Facebook and takes no time to perform.

Facebook is a great platform to share your joy with your friends and family who are living far from you. It helps you connect with them in a click,  post pictures, videos, and images.

Isn’t it exciting that Facebook allows you to edit your name according to your preference? Everyone has their own reason for changing name like some have gotten married, some are bored with their legal name and hence want to pick a cool name for themselves or some just want to do it for fun. Doesn’t matter what your reason is, Facebook will replace your display name if you want to.

This piece of text is a complete guide on  how to change your name on Facebook

Detailed Guide on How to change your name on Facebook:

Here are some very manageable steps to follow to alter your name on Facebook within no time. It’s pretty much effortless to understand and implement. Let’s have a look at the steps.

  • Step-1 Log In to your Facebook account using your registered email/phone number and password.
  • Step-2 Click on the downward triangle located on the upper right side.

  • Step-3 You will be exposed to the drop-down menu once you click on the downward triangle. Now click on the settings and privacy and then on settings.

  • Step-4 You will notice different options and menus. By default, general settings will open up. And in case it doesn’t, then clicks on general settings.

  • Step-5 You will observe your name there on the page. You will find the “edit” text written in blue on the right side.
  • Step -6 Click on the edit option and a new box will appear.

  • Step -7 Now remove the old name in the box and change it to whatever you like. You can type in your first, middle, and last name.
  • Step -8 Once you’re done with typing your new name, Click on review changes and a dialogue box will appear on the screen asking for your password to enter.

  • Step -9 After entering your Facebook password, click on save changes and you are ready with your new Facebook name.

So that’s how you change your name on Facebook.

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Keep in mind the following points

Restriction for switching the name

Although you can change your name according to your choice, you have to follow some of the standards set by Facebook when doing it.

You cannot include symbols, unusual capitalization, obscene words, numbers, punctuation, repeated characters, professional titles, multiple languages while changing your name.

Seldom users succeed in changing their name into some offensive words but soon after the Facebook algorithm detects it, it blocks the account. So it is advisable to change your name within the prescribed norms.

If your name is a bit different and Facebook isn’t empowering you to keep it then it can ask for your identity proof as well.

How frequently can you alter your name?

After every 60 days, you get an opportunity to change your name. Thus, you are required to keep your name at least for 60 days.

Setting your nickname

Facebook has recently come up with a new feature where you can set your nickname along with your display name.  The steps for setting up the nickname is as follows:

  • Step -1 Click your name to open up your profile.
  • Step -2 Click on the About option lying just below your display picture.
  • Step-3 Click on  Details about you located in the left drop-down menu.
  • Step -4 As soon as you click on that, you will see the option of adding your nickname.
  • Step-5 Click on + sign and enter your name in the box.
  • Step -6 Click on save ( you can tick the small square box in case you want to display your nickname along with your profile name )

And it’s done. This way you can let people know your cute nickname.

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Bottom Line

Facebook is evolving every day and coming up with compelling features that not only make it user-friendly but appealing to people as well. Your name is an important part of your life as it helps in identifying you from others. In case you have typed erroneous spellings or an incorrect name or a cool name crossed your mind then you can simply follow the above-mentioned and switch it.

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