Colored Heart Emojis: What They Mean and How to Use Them


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Expressing your feelings in virtual messages is challenging, which is why emoji are surprisingly helpful. Studies reveal that people using emojis are funny, cool, and comfortable to be with. Emojis can energize your conversations as you don’t want to sound rude or uninterested in your text messages. They become the languages of virtual messages, and it creates connection, love, empathy, and a bond towards your family and your special one.  However, it would be best to be careful, knowing that emojis are open to different interpretations. There are emojis that people have been misusing, and heart emojis are some of them. The heart is a symbol of love and romance, but little that you know, each colored heart varies and has a specific meaning, such that the white heart meaning is associated with purity. It’s time to fuel our minds with emojis, specifically colored heart emojis! 

The Popularity of Heart Emoji 

The heart is a symbol of love, and indeed family, friendship, and especially lovers use this emoji frequently. Expressing “I love you” can be challenging, but sending a heart emoji? Easy as a pie! That’s how powerful heart emojis are! You can send it daily or occasionally. But be mindful and use it responsively! You don’t want someone to misunderstand you because of a clumsy choice of emoticon. Don’t you? 

While heart emojis are popular throughout the year, they are on-demand during Valentine’s Day. They are everywhere: social media captions, text messages, and especially inside a valentines card. According to Emojipedia, the red heart emoji is the most searched during February. It doubles as much as all the other hearts at any given time. The main reason: people are madly in love and have repeatedly used the classic red heart! Some may include emojis associated with heart-shaped emoji like the smiling face with heart eyes (😍), kiss (💏), and couple with heart (💑) to express how they truly feel. Over the years, heart emojis have been with the emojis along with the highest ranks, while the brown heart is the least popular heart-colored emoji. 

The Classic Red Heart 

Everyone knows the classic red heart emoji that symbolizes romance and passion. Mostly, people use this to express the words such as “I love you” or “I heart you.” The red heart emoji is the most frequently used colored heart in the long run, for it is the fourth most popular emoji on Twitter. It is impressive how a red heart emoji can uplift someone’s mood by placing it right after messages. You can send it in multitudes too. Moreover, you can use it to show your gratitude, appreciation, affection, and other positive emotions. Without a heart emoji on your love messages, it might look dry; that’s why the red heart emoji is extremely helpful to convey sweet and heartfelt messages. Some apply red heart emoji with some flirt on the side, so use it at your own risk! 

A Blue Heart For Bro

The blue-colored heart represents trust and loyalty as this color refers to brotherhood, or simply an emoji that you’d send to your “bro.” It also implies love between friends, colleagues, classmates in a non-romantic way. You can use this emoji to express support and affection only as a friend. So if you received a blue heart emoji from your crush, you are now in the friendzone! Don’t be sad, instead eat a pint of your favorite ice cream and watch a movie instead! It’s already the year 2022 where people are brave enough to accept and move on. 

White Heart For Purity 

The white-colored heart represents pure love that can’t be destroyed. This colored heart has a clean and minimal design. It expresses love, close bond, and deep admiration. A love that can withstand the test of time. It is a perfect emoji to send to your family, best friends, close relatives, and for people who you truly love. So, when you receive a white heart unexpectedly, something serious is going on! 

Yellow Heart of Friendship 

Yellow is the color of the sun and stars and is indeed pleasing to the eyes. It has an energetic vibe that catches your attention right away! Like the yellow heart emoji, it is great for friendship, reflecting happiness, positivity, and hope. It is good to use when meeting new people and perceiving them as your newfound friend. You can combine this heart emoji with a sunflower 🌻, putting it on a calming message. It can brighten someone’s mood and smiles whenever they see a yellow heart. Something like, I appreciate you, bestfriend💛! 

Comforting Orange Heart or a Coward Heart 

The color orange reflects warmth and light. It describes care and comfort. Receiving it from friends and family members shows encouragement and support. Also, you can use this colored heart emoji to associate things with the color orange, such as fall.

However, when you receive an orange heart from a guy you are dating, sadly, it means he decided to express a non-committed relationship. Guard your heart and feelings first. So, better keep an eye on it!  

Black Heart, the Serious Shade 

The black shade of this colored heart emoji expresses sorrow, sadness, and dark humor. It is best to use on rainy days when you feel like sitting down and feeling emotional. Whether you have a dark soul or thinking about the sadness of your love life going inside your head. Sometimes, it is okay to release your emotions on social media platforms like Twitter, knowing that you are not alone, and some have similar struggles. 

In contrast, some social media users have used the black heart emoji to support the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Final Thoughts 

Emojis have become the language of virtual messages. It comes in different forms, sizes, colors, and meanings vary. Indeed, it saves everyone from having awkward conversations and transforming them into interesting chat messages. 

I hope that this article helps you choose the right heart-colored emoji. Happy chatting! 

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