7 Common Mistakes Made By League Of Legends Players


League Of Legends Players

League Of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena video game launched in 2009 by Riot Games. Initially released as League of Legends: Clash of Fates and has been patched and updated several times since launch to become one of the largest MOBAs in the world with over 27 million players every month. 

It is a game that requires you to be on your A-game every step of the way. If you’re not, then it’s going to cost you and your team dearly. But knowing what not to do can help too! We hope this article will help you avoid these common errors that many gamers make while playing League Of Legends. You’ll learn about strategies that could change your gameplay dramatically, along with insights into why these mistakes happen in the first place. WeCoach provides the best trips, tricks, and training that help you climb the ladder of League Of Legends Stardom higher and faster. 

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Here are seven common mistakes made by League Of Legends players

 1) Picking The Wrong Runes & Masteries: 

Picking The Wrong Runes & Masteries

 If you don’t know what runes and masteries are, they are additional perks added to your chosen champion at the start of each match. League of Legends has over 90+ champions to choose from, each with its own unique play style. To ensure you are successful in the game choosing the right champion to suit your play style is vital. However, this isn’t just limited to picking a character that fits your personality or one that you think looks cool; there are many hidden bonuses within League of legends if played correctly. Runes and masteries can offer powerful buffs when put together properly, allowing League of Legends players to deal more damage to opponents, provide extra defense, increase movement speed and even restore mana points which will enable League of Legend Champs to cast spells without having to return into the lane after being killed! This makes for a much more intense experience as League Of Legends players have to think on their feet and improvise when the time comes.

Movement speed boosts can be gained from masteries and runes, but items such as mercury’s treads give players a much-needed increase in movement speed. League of Legends characters such as Alistar benefits well from this item due to his ability to move into an enemy crowd and knock them all up using “pulverize.” In addition, the reduced slow effect allows League of legends Characters like Alistar to get out of harm’s way quickly and makes it harder for enemies to catch up with him. The trick is to choose specific runes and masteries to make League of Legends characters more powerful and faster and give them a better chance of winning. 

2. Not Buying Items To Match Your Character

Buying Items To Match Your Character

League of Legends players are faced with many choices to make during the game. An important choice is what item to buy after getting an initial item or two. An item that requires a large amount of gold should not be bought if you have already spent most of your money on purchasing other items. A good example would be purchasing a Philosopher’s Stone when you have spent most of your money buying other more powerful items in the beginning stages of the game, such as boots. This is because Philosopher Stones has a high cost while still providing League of Legends characters who use it very little benefits early in the game. Gamers must wisely choose which items to purchase to gain the upper hand later in the game.

3. Playing Too Passively Or Aggressively

Playing Too Passively Or Aggressively

Gamers should not play passively or aggressively all the time. They should learn to adapt their style of playing, so it fits in with their current situation. If you are at a big disadvantage,  you should play passively and try to farm gold to gain back advantage over your opponents. If Gamers are at an advantage, they should feel free to attack other players who are more advanced than them. Playing aggressively is always risky since Gamers can easily lose their advantage over other League of Legends game characters by not paying attention to what the others are doing on the map or underestimating them.

4. Not Buying Wards Often Enough

Not Buying Wards Often Enough

Wards allow gamers to see all the happenings that take place on the League of Legends map. Gamers should buy wards every time they go back to the Gamers’ base or at an advantage, making their lanes easier to defend or attack. However, wards shouldn’t be bought only when you need them; since you can get destroyed by other game characters easily if you do not see them coming.

5. Not Keeping Up With The Team’s Items And Levels

League of Legends is a game that requires teamwork in order to win games, especially for gamers who play Solo Queue matches. Gamers also have to keep track of how many things each player needs to finish building his/her items so they know what each team member should buy next to support the whole team constructively in the game. Gamers should also keep track of the levels of each gamer and their items to know when they can kill enemies easier or need just to support each other.

 Gamers who do not keep up with their team will only make it harder for themselves and their teammates because they cannot win without teamwork.

6. Focusing Too Much On Farming Minions To Level Up Quickly

Gamers who farm too much can be easily caught off guard by enemies if they are trying to kill minions as well as defend themselves from enemies. Gamers should take time out of their farming or push to help other team members if needed so that all team members will be at the same level and not so unbalanced, making it easier for one group to beat another.

7. Taking Risks That Aren’t Worth Taking

Sometimes gamers just need to know when to give up and live another day. For example, gamers should never try foolish stunts trying to kill two enemies alone when the rest of the team is still alive and could use help. Instead, gamers should take a step back and wait for their time to strike when they get a better chance at winning instead of dying or putting themselves in danger needlessly.


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