Everything You Should Know About Dell Laptops And Latest Upgrades


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Keeping Current On Dell’s Latest Designs

Laptops have a shelf life of between three and five years. Even the best devices can’t overcome obsolescence developing from technological innovation. Moore’s Law is no longer in a strict application, but that doesn’t mean exponential tech growth has stopped. New iterations hit the market every couple of years regardless of Moore.

Now some devices will have basic utility for a decade, depending on what you’re using them for. But how computers function at the end of ten years, and at the beginning, will be night and day. As tech develops, thresholds of computational power shift. What once would play videos fast no longer will; hardware begins to lag owing to how surrounding technology has shifted.

The old device can’t handle the software designed for the new hardware. You can upgrade to new operating systems or other software patches, but the old hardware can no longer sustain it. So what’s the solution? Well, you need to get a new laptop at least every five years, if not every three—if you want to stay on the cutting edge, that is.

To that end, Dell laptops & computers are continuously expanding on what’s available in terms of hardware. Tech Radar offers some insight into the latest Dell trends for 2021 and going forward; we’ll abbreviate some of that info here, as well as other relevant data.

Dell Laptops And Latest Upgrades

Ten Kinds Of Machines Defining The Market

A big misconception among laptop buyers from any provider has to do with the sort of inventory that’s ultimately available. Though some laptops may look the same on the outside, on the inside, they may be totally different. For reference, here’s one of today’s most powerfully performing laptop options from Dell.

Ten primary devices Tech Radar has centered on for the season between 2020 and 2021 from Dell include 2020’s Dell XPS 15, 17, and 13, Alienware M15 R3, Area-51 m, and 2021’s upgrade the m17 RF; the Dell Latitude 7490, the G5 15 SE, the Inspirion 13 7000 2-in-1, and the G3 15.

Looking At One Of Dell’s Flagship Devices: Alienware Laptops

All of these Dell laptops will have varying levels of hardware innovation. We’ll focus on the 2021 Alienware device to give you an idea of what a top-of-the-line modern Dell looks like. Keep in mind, this is a gaming device, so it won’t match the needs of some users; but it will be something with exceptional processing capabilities in terms of graphics and other functions.

Dell’s 2021 Alienware offering provides such solutions through a 10th-gen Intel Cor i7—i9. You can find decent options through the ninth generation in the i9 series, but the 10th-gen options are downright fast. Graphics for this device run from an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 – 3080. Random Access Memory (RAM) includes between a 16 and 32 GB DDR4 2933 MHz option.

This device specifically has a massive 17.3” FHD screen with a high resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It includes 256GB PCIeM.2 SSD (Solid State Drive) to 4TB RAID0 plus 512GB PCIe M.2 SSD. That’s a lot of letters and numbers, here’s what they mean: these devices have the speed and storage for anything you need in terms of gaming or graphics processing in 2021.

Space Considerations And Making Your Choice

One of the big areas where it’s very important to keep pace with market changes is as regards storage. Without at least 250+ GB of storage, you’re not going to be able to do much. In 2000 or 2001, a hard drive with 10 GB was considered huge. Well, a single gigabyte is 1,024 megabytes. A single terabyte is 1,024 gigabytes, and four terabytes is 4,096 gigabytes.

That’s a lot of space, but then again, you’re going to need it if you’re staying on the cutting edge with your Microsoft OS in 2021. Dell Laptops deliver with Alienware, and you’ll find variations of processing power coming right up to these thresholds in other devices listed here. Each will get its own subsequent upgrade as time goes by out of necessity.

The key is, if you’re buying something new, to find an option that will be able to withstand continuous upgrades that will come in a few years. To that end, it can be worthwhile to find a Dell device like those available through the Alienware line. However, it would still depend on your needs and budget. If you need the extra cash to help you purchase Dell’s latest release, you can search for “sell my Dell laptop” online and find lots of trusted businesses who pay a good sum for used laptops and use it to buy yourself a new one.

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