What Are Different Types of Search Engines?


In the past few decades, the internet, its usage, and the research on it have been tremendously increasing. Extremely popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing have made it possible for users to use the internet with ease and convenience.

What Is The Purpose of A Search Engine? 

The search engines in this advanced and technological world of today are an extremely important type of resource available on the internet. Search engines are required to extract and provide the requested information to the user from the huge database of resources and websites available on the world wide web. The purpose of search engines is to know where particular information is kept and when to provide it to the one searching for it.

In this article, we have discussed the different types of search engines you can use to get relevant information. Along with that, we have also mentioned their purposes and how they work.

Why Are Search Engines Important? 

As mentioned above, search engines are extremely important for the world we are living in. More than half of the world will not be able to live without the virtual connection and search engines available today.

Types of Search Engines

People use search engines for several purposes. Some of them use it to receive the required information whereas some of them use it to offer that information with as much relevance as possible. The site owners optimize their websites, market their brands and services while looking to get top rankings in the search results.

On a daily basis, billions of users put in their queries on search engines to find answers and solutions. This lets business owners and content creators publish their work online to attract their viewers and clients.

Search engines are supposed to optimize websites for their owners to make them reach a larger audience and get potential clients. The visitors on the websites help in generating revenue for site owners either through the displayed advertisements or by becoming their clients and purchasing their items or products.

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Types of Search Engines

Search engines are classified into three main categories depending on how they work.

Crawler Based Search Engines

The crawler-based search engine uses four basic steps. They help the search engines to crawl and index the content provided by the websites to the database of that particular search engine.

Here, a bot approaches the new content based on four basic steps that include, crawling to the content, indexing the content, calculating the relevancy of the content, and retrieving the end result.

Human Powered Directories

It is also referred to as an open directory system that depends on human-based activities for indexing and listing. This requires the site owner to submit categories for the content, details of the content, keywords in the content, and so on. This whole approach also comes under the context of organic marketing.

Hybrid Search Engines

It is a combination of both, crawler-based indexing and the manual indexing of the content. These search engines work depending on a primary (crawlers based) and secondary (human-powered directories) mechanism that filters out the content more appropriately.

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