Easy Fixes For Most of your Netflix Errors


Easy Fixes For Most of your Netflix Errors

Hey guys if you keep getting this error where you can’t connect to Netflix try these top two tricks whether it’s on your iPhone, iPad any tablet for that matter, or any device out there even Android devices there are ways to get around this problem.

So first of all just make sure your networks are actually working so make sure your Wi-Fi is all good. You guys can play some YouTube videos or whatever just to make sure you’re good on that end. Okay so once you’re good on that end then we have to get back to the Netflix problem.

What would you do if you guys have an iPad or iPhone and you guys want to close the app completely?  Just make sure to swipe up on it and that’s how you make sure the app is actually closed.

Okay so if we’re looking at how many apps and looking at there’s nothing coming up right now because that one is completely closed, next up is for you guys to just run up again.  

And then it should work, if that doesn’t work, now completely close it. I brought it up again, well the next thing you guys can do is again completely close it and then just restart your iPad or iPhone.

This may be because bypassing the Netflix proxy error is not successful because of your VPN service. Okay, so you guys can force it to restart, to press the home button plus the power button, and just hold those until you guys see an Apple logo, and then that’s going to restart. It’s not going to erase anything, don’t worry about it, all your pictures, all your photos are going to be there even if you guys turn off your iPad and stuff restart.

So if you guys hold the power key, okay? Just hold on to it until you guys see that its lights power off. You can just power it off and then just power it back again.

So those are the two ways you could do that if, even after that your Netflix still doesn’t work well, check if there are any updates.

Go right into your App Store and see if there are any updates for the app itself. In iOS 13 it’s a little bit different, you guys will see all your updates on the top right-hand side of your screen.

You will see your name or your device’s name. It says 28 or you guys can see on top so you’re going to tap right there and if you scroll down you will see all these updates. So I can just go and hit update on and all my apps are going to start updating.

Now let’s say that doesn’t fix the problem well the last resort is for you to delete the app and download it again. It will not delete your Netflix account if you’re just deleting the app itself.

All you’re going to have to do is sign in back again obviously but we’re just leaving that so to do that just hold your finger on top. Then you will see this coming up so share Netflix rearrange apps, so we would want to go into rearranging apps.

And then it will start happening so that X on the top left-hand side off each of the apps just click on that X and that’s how you guys delete the app.

So I’m going to tap on it and try Netflix, just delete the app and go to the app store again to download it and you guys should be fine.

Anyway, these are the fixes you guys can try out, especially the very last one that I mentioned, which was deleting Netflix because I know some of you may not want to do irritating fixes like having to sign back into it but anyways that will fix your problem for sure. The Netflix connection problem most likely will be solved for most of you just by closing it properly and refreshing it will do the trick. But anyway that’s it for this blog. If you guys have any comments questions you guys can write on the comments section below.

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