eBay Pakistan eBay in Pakistan How to sell on eBay from Pakistan


eBay Pakistan  eBay in Pakistan  How to sell on eBay from Pakistan

How to sell on eBay from Pakistan, eBay is a multinational e-commerce company that allows consumer-to-consumer and commercial enterprise-to-consumer income through its internet site. these days, eBay operates in approximately 30 international locations worldwide. eBay Pakistan is particularly designed to cater to the needs of customers and dealers from Pakistan. We will focus on selling your products on eBay from Pakistan. Whether you’re starting a new e-commerce business or just want to make some extra cash, selling on eBay Pakistan is fun and easy.


How to Make eBay Seller Account from Pakistan?

I will make eBay from Uk. Because I have a Register Limited Company in Uk. So I will use the same detail for my eBay account. You can use the same method Register eBay in Pakistan. Also will be used VPS for register eBay Account. I will show step by step how to Register eBay Account from Pakistan.

Step 1. First Go to eBay.co.uk  if you going to make eBay account from Pakistan. Visit ebay.com

How to Register Uk Private Limited Company from Pakistan?


  • You need type information like the below photo.

How to Register Verify PayPal Account from Pakistan?



  • When you “Register eBay Pakistan” will appear on the same page below the photo. After you need to go to “Account Setting”  update more information for Selling on eBay. You can below photo step by step.


How to get Uk sim card in Pakistan?

Step 2. After going to “Account Setting“. You will see the below page for Update shipping & Return addresses. Here I will use here my Uk Private Limited Company, But you can use personal & Company address from Pakistan.

How to sell on Etsy from Pakistan? 



  • I will update all addresses and Phone number follow the below the photo.



  • I have updated my Private Limited Company UK and Uk Phoner number. You can use also Pakistan address and Phone for eBay in Pakistan.
  • If you have already a Uk Phone number. You can use a fake address Click here.


  • Now I will link my PayPal Account with eBay Account for receive payment from eBay Selling. You know PayPal Account not available in Pakistan. You can Register a legal PayPal Account in Pakistan.

How to Create a PayPal Account in Pakistan?


  • Click Link my PayPal Account to follow the below photo.

  • I have successfully Link my Paypal Account with eBay for Selling.



  • Congratulations! Your eBay Account full Ready for Selling products.


When you’re ready to sell an item, eBay Pakistan will help you quickly create your listing with recommendations based on the research of similar listings. Their recommendations are designed to help you sell your items faster and at better prices.

Start by describing your item in clear, simple terms. From there, eBay will help you identify the most relevant category for your item. This helps potential buyers find your item quickly.


Step 3. How to create a list on eBay from Pakistan?


  • Fill all the details about the product you are selling on eBay from Pakistan.


  • You can choose Title & Keyword for your products.
  • Also, eBay has an option for Subtitle, But eBay charges extra for Subtitle can see above photo.
  • eBay will automatically choose the category of your product or you can manually choose the desired category for your product.
  • If you sell multiple variations of your item (size or color), you can list all of them in one multi-quantity, fixed-price listing. This saves you time and money.
  • EAN (European Article Number) or UPC (Universal Product Code for eBay.com). If you don’t have this one choose “does not apply
  • You need to choose the condition of the product. There have four options “NEW”, “New Other (see detail)”, “Used” and “For parts not working”.
  • Add photos of your product and its variations.
  • Fill in all item specifications and descriptions.


Enter selling details like Duration of listing, Price, Stock, Payment options.

  • The format can choose one Option “Auction Style” and “Fixed Price”. If you choose a fixed price for products listing ending time “Good ‘Til Cancelled“.
  • Put price your products in “Buy it now Price” Below box.
  • Put the quantity of your product in Box, Also you can as “Sell as a lot”


Choose a good shipping service to ship your products. like “Domestic postage” and “International Postage

  • Domestic postage means within-country shipping. I will sell products within Uk. So I will choose the Royal Mail shipping service. If you are going to sell from Pakistan to eBay.com or eBay.co.uk. You will choose to ship from outside the UK or USA, Please check below UK eBay.co.uk and  USA eBay.com.
  • I have Royal Mail shipping service 2 to 3 days delivery time. If you will ship from Pakistan use delivery time is 6 to 8 working days outside the UK.
  • If you are selling on Uk eBay “Dispatch time” and Selling on USA eBay “Handing time”. I used normal dispatch  (Handing time) is 1 to 2 working. If you are going ship from Pakistan so the handling time is 3 to 6 Working days.


  • When you are selling eBay.com from Pakistan. You will choose Standard shipping from outside the US (5 to 10 business days). This service only for domestic postage. If you have the plan to sell internationally read continue.
  • I choose normally handling time is 1 to 2 business days. If you selling from Pakistan on eBay USA choose 3 to 4 business days.
  • If you wanna sell worldwide go to the “Ship to” option choose worldwide. If you have the plan to sell only in selected countries so “Choose Custom Location

Note: If you are shipping from Pakistan. You must choose a custom location because some countries bad Custom like Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Isreal etc.


  • If you are selling from Pakistan, You must choose an item location like the below photo.


  • Now you are on the final step click on “List with displayed fees” After your some minutes products will be live on eBay.



Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Q 1. eBay Pakistan cash on delivery (COD)?
  • Ans. eBay Seller does not support Cash on delivery
  • Q 2. Does eBay deliver to Pakistan?
  • Ans. Yes! Most sellers deliver products to Pakistan.
  • Q 3. eBay Support Selling from Pakistan?
  • Ans. Yes, you can sell products on eBay from Pakistan.
  • Q 4. Paypal Account Available in Pakistan?
  • Ans. right now not available. But you can create Paypal from Pakistan.


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