Best Guide for Ecommerce Link Building 2021


Link Building 101: A Guide for E-Commerce Link Building 

Ecommerce Link building has a significant role in SEO. According to a study, the links contribute to more than 50% of your search engine optimization’s success. With eCommerce Architecture and Technical SEO, the area signifies the third most crucial pillar of the field.

Once you create a strategy for eCommerce link building, you should be careful about the website’s authority linked to your content. There are even other properties of links that also matters, like:

  • Link origin and Link target
  • Anchor text
  • Nofollow attribute

Ecommerce SEO services can be somewhat a challenging task. With the growth of huge stores such as Amazon that sells nearly everything, SEO has grown to a new complication level. If you want to rank higher in impactful, competitive, and profitable terms, you must get creative with your link building strategies. After all, your backlink profile’s effectiveness has a direct impact on where your website shows up on search engines.

What Constitutes an Effective Link Building Exercise?

Link building is the process of getting other websites to link to your platform. All links will be counted as votes for your websites. It passes on authority, relevance, and trust. Let’s look at them in detail. 


Authority has a prime role in SEO. There are three kinds of authority:

  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Link Authority

The higher the authority you get, the better it will be for you.


A relevant link is a link to a webpage from a related page in terms of topic. In case you are selling televisions, pick a link from a blog post about the top televisions to watch movies on. Hence, the relevance of links impacts the topic relevance of your website.


Trust is the level to which search engines trust your website. If you have higher trust, the better it is. You can gain trust with the website’s age, by staying glued to Google’s guidelines and getting links from reliable websites. With the right eCommerce link building, the trust will follow you naturally.

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Create Linkable Assets 

A brilliant way to get links is to add a blog section to your website with interesting and informative content assets. Then try to attract people and get them linked to your articles. You can convey the positive effects of the referral towards higher converting pages if you link them out.

The main ingredient is to find the kind of content that can attract better links. You can do it by searching for a competitor and finding out which pages have many referrals. Perform it for a couple of different competing sites until you get a list of possible assets. 

Once you have some ideas, you must create content that is better than any competing pages. It will increase the chances of people preferring your resource over the ones that your competitors made. However, it needs the expertise and experience of professionals. Here, the strategies that you can use to boost existing content are:

  • Going more in-depth
  • Adding media
  • Introducing new research

Your final step is to inspire people to link to your webpage.

To sum up, many business owners struggle with eCommerce link building. This limits SEO success because links play an essential role in your success. So, take help from a well-established SEO agency to ensure the desired outcomes. They can also provide way better results as they are well experienced and knowledgeable of all the strategies.

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