The Top Media and Entertainment Tech Trends of Our Time


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This article looks at the current entertainment tech related trends that you should be aware of. Not only will these tips ensure that you are knowledgeable when it comes to something that we spend so much money on, but also to ensure that you are accessing media and entertainment that is current and cutting edge.

Smart entertainment

In an age where the internet has evolved so rapidly and is now integral for anything and everything that we do, it is paramount to understand the concept of smart entertainment. It has become a bit of a buzz word for any form of entertainment platform that is capable of some level of machine learning, providing you with your choices and search history; and, being able to predict and suggest the type/nature of entertainment for you and yours based on the aforementioned. This has led to the integration and blurring of the lines between what may have been separate forms of entertainment: social media is also social shopping and online gaming can be done with others from around the globe. It has all been linked and improved by the advancements in technology.


The internet of things is now definitely one of the aspects of modern living that you must know about. Everything that is capable of being connected to the internet and then controlled by your smart handheld device or mobile phone is the future of home entertainment and entertainment technology. The idea is to simplify modern life, providing the options to watch on demand, turn on lights and heating and control all the entertainment devices in the home (and beyond) easily and seamlessly.

Entertainment for free

With the wide range of entertainment now available both online and via the technology that we now have at our fingertips it is incumbent upon you to look for the freebies out there. There are free entertainment options in everything from free sport, movies and even the live dealer games at, providing players with the opportunity to play certain table games for free. Look into the free options on the tech that you have and you may be surprised at how much modern fun is actually free. The starting place should be the free gaming, media and entertainment apps that come with the tech you buy as well as those that can then be downloaded or accessed in the cloud at no cost to yourself.

Cloud based computing solutions

Entertainment tech requirements are changing all the time. One of the biggest and most significant changes in this regard is in cloud entertainment. Gaming has been moving to the cloud over a sustained period, but the entire media and entertainment spectrum of what’s available is based in the cloud. Cloud computing for entertainment is thus a process and system that you need to be able to access and understand.

AI is coming to the fore

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is now central in terms of the media and entertainment that is supplied and made available to consumers. Media and entertainment supply chains are now being solidly comprised of the AI technology and capability to streamline the provision of specific media and entertainment to suit individual customer needs. Never has there been a more personalized aspect to the provision of online media and entertainment, and AI is entirely at the root of this.

The rise of social video

The number of people both producing and sharing as well as watching the short form social video has simply exploded across the globe. This form of entertainment and the tech used to film, create, upload and comment on the short form social video is trending. Millennials have driven this form of entertainment and it is based on a fast-paced lifestyle where you need to be entertained where and when you can.


These are the tech entertainment trends of the moment. Keep in mind that this is a sector that’s in constant flux and as such today’s innovations could very well be old news by the time the next article is written. The point though is to ensure that you are keeping abreast of the changes and the possibilities in relation to your media and entertainment requirements and possibilities available to you. In terms of the technology required to access and be a part of these improvements and developments, it is accepted that the smart mobile handheld phone or device is now pretty much all you need to keep abreast and involved.

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