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Eppicard Ms is that the Mississippi EppiCard. It is additionally referred to as the Mississippi ePayment Card. Mississippi issued this card. The Department of Human Services and Division of Economic Assistance Cardholders. These use eppicard ms for payments. Also, the Division of Child Support Enforcement Cardholders and also the Department of Family and Children’s Services Adoption uses this.

Eppicard Ms:

It is a prepaid debit card. Over twenty-three states use this eppicard.  Automatically funds are loaded on to the card. We will use the card to get cash at ATM displaying the Maestro, MasterCard, Cirrus. The card additionally permits you to induce cash at Hancock, regions, and Trustmark bank ATMs with no charge.

As of March eleven, 2021, the Mississippi department of employment security (MDES) has modified Unemployment Debit Card providers. The Mississippi EPPICard is currently transferred to the Mississippi Way2Go Card.

  • Use your Eppicard to make purchases or withdraw cash at the ATM.
  • Access the Eppicard.com website.
  • Contact Eppicard Customer Service.


Eppicard Ms Login:

This post will assist you in login in or register your card before you begin to use it.

Here are instructions on how to log into your account. If you simply received your card, you may go to activate it before you can use it. If you have got already activated your card, you must look below for a way to log in.

  • To activate our card, we have a tendency to set Personal Identification Number – PIN.
  • Call the customer service and these below instructions must be available before we make a call:
  1. 16-digit Mississippi Debit Master card Number.
  2. Social Security Number-SSN and date of Birth.


  • After the choice of our PIN, please recollect it. As we cannot use our card without it.
  • When activating a replacement card, take care to destroy our previous card because it isn’t any longer valid.
  • Sign our name with ink in the space provided on the back of our card.
  • Read the enclosed “Terms of Use”. so we might understand rights and responsibilities as a cardholder.
  • Funds might not be offered on your card till payment is posted on your account.

How To Activate Ms Eppicard Login?

For activating the Eppicard above instructions to be followed. Social security Number nothing but SSN and date of birth. Also, we need to select user ID and password.

How To Log into Ms Eppicard Login?

To log into Ms Eppicard the steps to be followed :

  1. The official website should be visited first.
  2. We should enter our User name and Password.

If we forget our “User ID”. Then, click on the “Forgot User ID” link on the left. Enter CVV  information and card number as asked and retrieve User ID.



Mississippi EPPICard Updates and Changes

Attention to the  Mississippi Unemployment Debit Card recipients. As of March eleven, 2021, the Mississippi Department of Employment Security (MDES) has changed debit card providers.

The Mississippi Eppicard has now changed to the Mississippi Way2Go Card.

It delivers benefits to recipients for the following programs:

  • Unemployment Insurance (UI).
  • Food Stamps (SNAP).
  • Cash Assistance (TANF).
  • Child Support.

Mississippi Way2Go Debit Card for Benefits Payments

For additional data on the new Mississippi Way2Go Card. Visit our Mississippi Way2Go Card Balance. And then log in here. We offer you data on the way to start along with your MS Way2Go Card. Together with the way to access your benefits online, contact client service, check your balance, and more.

If you presently have a Mississippi Eppicard. Then we will use our Ms Eppicard till your balance reaches zero. Once your balance has reached $0.00. You need to activate and use your MS Way2Go Card for receiving unemployment payments.

 To access your benefits, you wish :

  • Visit the new Mississippi Debit Card website at goprogram.com.
  • Register your new Way2Go Card.
  • Create an MS Way2Go User ID and Password.


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