How to fix the “err connection reset” error in Google Chrome


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How to fix the “err_connection_reset” error in Google Chrome – Error 101

Err Connection Reset: The Internet has made its place in people’s daily because it offers information, help, and many other things that can make life easy. It’s known as the World Wide Web because it can answer any question regardless of limitation. As it got popular, many bugs become an issue for the users. This innovation anyway is extraordinarily doing the process in the form of the algorithm under the earth, which implies that various problems can happen while stacking a mentioned page. One of these is the “err_connection_reset” mistake that you are encountering.

The current century made numerous advancements in technology. It spread the span of Internet availability among people. Now almost anyone can access the Internet across the World people have devices like smartphones, laptops or another gadget, all of them support the Internet. They get any information by putting text in search engines like google chrome, safari, opera and many other web browsers. As it becomes common in people the same way, it creates some challenges for them.

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Do you ever experience error “err_connection_reset”? If yes then you don’t need to worry because you are not alone who are facing this issue, many users who do use google chrome as the search engine they often face this error “err_connection_reset”. This error is also known “Error 101”. This article will explain the things that will reveal this error and tell what is mean by this, why the error appears, and how you can get rid of this error.

About error “err_connection_reset”:

The error “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” in Google Chrome, implies that your program can’t build up an association with the site you attempt to reach because your Internet connection has been hindered or on the grounds that your web service supplier has blocked the access to the site or because your gadget has a network which is operating well.

Why you face this error err_connection_reset”:

Error 101 can be brought about by many things that don’t work appropriately for reasons unknown. It’s anything but an assumption that you know precisely the thing is causing the issue. In this way, if you don’t know about what is new with your program and why you can’t open that site, accompany us and expert fixing techniques the “err_connection_reset” error in Chrome.  Hopefully, by going through these fixing techniques, you will get rid of this error.

Here are five approaches that can fix error “err_connection_reset.”

In chrome browser: On chrome browser sometimes you see a message on the screen “err_connection_reset” while you try to land on the specific page it’s due to many reasons as well already explained about this in detail, when you see this message mean you will have to apply fixing methods to sort out this issue, stay with us, now we will discuss one by one all approaches.

Before testing the matured fixes approach, we will recommend trying the first fundamental steps to sort out the issue and not harm your System.

If any error is occurring in your system, it doesn’t mean all the time’s something complicated exist in your System, and often solution is straightforward. To have the option to fix this blunder, above all else, before you go into something troublesome, reload the page. Click on the reload button on the highest point of your screen, close to the search bar to one side, or essentially press the F5 key. 

On the off chance that reloading the page isn’t sufficient for the issue to be tackled, you have to check your Internet connection, which you may have lost for reasons unknown. Without a steady Internet connection, you will not have the option to arrive at the web. During the process, while you disconnect and again connect the router or modem with the power plug stand two or three minutes to allow the capacitors to run out of current and clear the memory.

Once you have done these steps, then go and reload the page again to check whether your issue has resolved or not.

Browser and Website Check:

In the above section, we discuss reload the page, restart the computer, reboot modem or router to remove the error “err_connection_reset”, but all these methods don’t work to remove the error and Internet connection check and the device also failed to sort out the issue.

You need to move ahead and test website, browser and device on which you are trying to land on a specific page. For this purpose, you have to type the address of another site in another tab in Chrome. On the off chance that different sites load without an issue, at that point the mistake has something to do with the server of the site that you at first attempted to get to. This implies that you can’t fix the error yourself as your PC doesn’t bring it about. You could have a go at reaching the site’s proprietor and let them think about the issue.

Another source to check the website is to search the same site that is producing an error on Chrome from other search engines like opera, Firefox or many others. If it loads and gives same error then it means the page has something wrong, it’s not the problem of your System, browser, or router, you can approach developer of sites to report your problem and let them do the correction.

Clear the browser cache

Browser cache stores information from pages you have visited previously along with the save’s passwords, cookies and your search history. It does as such to stack your habitually visited sites quicker.

It is conceivable that the browser cache may contain obsolete data for the site you have visited and now you need to open once more. That data can meddle with setting up another association with the site, and subsequently, the association try closes with the error message you face on your browser. To fix this possible issue, you need to clear your browser cache, which you can do in a couple of simple methods. Here is the way to clear browser cache.

  • In Google Chrome, to start with navigate to the Settings menu. It is close to the search bar on the right, a three dots icon. 
  • From the spring up the menu, pick More tools and select Clear browsing data. You can without much of a stretch skirt looking for the appropriate alternatives referenced above by pressing the Ctrl + Shift + Del combination, or composing or copying then pasting the “chrome://settings/” command into your Chrome search bar. 
  • To clear the whole cache, set the Time reach to All time from the showing up menu and imprint each checkbox. Doing as such, your auto-complete information, your browser clears your set of history, \ signs you out from most sites and opens up some space by erasing saved site information. Your program will most likely load sites a slightly slower next time than expected, yet it ought to be not observable. 
  • Now, go back and reload the page again and check if the issue is addressed.


Check Proxy Settings of server:

A proxy is an intermediary server, and it goes about as a door between your PC and the web. Most of the time this error occurs in chrome browser, but you experience the same error in other search engines, which means that your System suffers from something wrong that doesn’t let you land on desire site. 

Perhaps the most widely recognized purposes behind this error are that an intermediary worker has been characterized in the web settings and now it is hindering the settings of the connection. 

You can automatically enable the proxy by adding on or another way to enable this through plugins that have been added to your search engine, then go and take a proxy test and if you feel something wrong disable it, follow below steps to disable proxy.

  • To start with type “Control Panel” in the search bar of Windows, open it and select Network and Internet. At that point, in that menu click on Internet Options. 
  • Here, is Internet Options, on the highest point of the spring up screen need to change the Connections tab, where you can set up the configuration of VPN and a dial-up connection, and at the lower portion, tab on LAN settings 
  • You can locate the current proxy settings of your System, from the LAN Settings menu. You should see a checked section called “Use a proxy server for your LAN” in the Proxy server site. Now, uncheck the case directly close to it, to deactivate an intermediary. 
  • Now, hit OK to save the changes, at that point attempt to reload the site you were unable to access previously.  


On the off chance that you can’t choose or deselect the checkbox, you ought to promptly execute a malware check-in your antivirus programming, since you may have some infection on your PC, after eliminating any malware infection, attempt to do these steps again.

If it doesn’t work:

You have done all the steps correctly, but it doesn’t work the reason that search engine has their proxy like google Chrome and firefox pr their extensions. Their proxy doesn’t disable from proxy configuration settings, and you have to do it directly from the browser.  Here is the method to deactivate proxy directly from the browser.

  • For the Chrome browser, click the menu icon in the program toolbar. It will be on top, a three-dot symbol, and select Settings. 
  • Extend the Advanced area, from the left menu, look down until you see System and click on it. 
  • Choose the option of “Open your computer’s proxy settings”. 
  • Now, switch off the Automatically detect settings option, from the Automatic proxy set up section and in the Manual proxy setting segment switch off the Use a proxy server choice. 
  • Then click to save changes, at that point reload the page you are attempting to get to.


Disable Antivirus programs and firewall for temporary:

Firewalls and antivirus programs play the same role in System as real-time checks and filtering they protect System from all illegal, unauthorized access and malicious software at all time. Likewise, they also block all web applications and specific IP address. 

Suppose the website that is you trying to land is blocked. In that case, you will also face the same issue “err_connection_reset”, to avoid this problem you can disable antivirus programs and firewall but just in case if you are sure that the site you are thinking to visit is secure and will not open doors of your System for the virus.

Once you get access to the site then again enable the antivirus and firewall in your System for your System’s security, you can also consider to uninstall and then reinstall software as you feel convenient.

Delete Winsock catalogue entries

If you are still facing the same problem despite following all methods mentioned above, you need to remove all catalogue entries. This framework application gives an interface to programs to make associations through TCP/IP in the Windows operating system. Winsock creates entries for once settled associations and stores them in its catalogue. 

Maybe there is an entry that can be the reason that prevents you from having the option to arrive at the mentioned site page. You need to reset your Winsock catalogue to take care of this issue. To perform this task, you need to give “netsh” command in the command prompt, here is how to do this.

  • To have the necessary advantages, type Command Prompt in Windows Search, and select “Run as administrator”. If you can’t see this alternative, right-click on Command Prompt at that point pick it starting from the drop menu. You will be inquired as to whether you permit the Command Prompt to make alterations to your PC. You need to click on Yes. 
  • At the point when the raised Command Prompt beginnings, type or copy and paste the accompanying command to reset the list: netsh Winsock reset 
  • Now, resetting Winsock with netsh command 
  • Restart your PC for the reset to produce results. 
  • At that point, open Google Chrome and attempt to get to the site, giving error.

Hopefully, these methods will work, and you will get rid of the error.

Final Words:

There is numerous error a user has to see while deal with a search engine to achieve the results. Still, sometimes they have to face the errors that resist them to access from the ends, this error “err_connection_reset” is also one of them, it doesn’t let the user access to the mentioned site the address bar. In this post, we explained what’s this error and why it springs up. You will also get rid of the error by reading entire, following five approaches to fic this error. Hopefully, you will get for which you are looking for.

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