Everything You Need to Know to Hire Unity Game Developers


The main number of game programmers work in an engine and development environment. There are different engines, one of the most popular is Unity with Visual Studio environment: in it, developers write code in C#.

An engine is a program in which all the tools needed in the game are written for the programmer (unity developers for hire). For example, there is a 3D model: essentially, it is a set of points in three-dimensional space. The engine is able to build this model by points, and the programmer doesn’t have to do it himself from scratch. Or sound: for a game to have sound effects and music, the code has to address the operating system, sound card, and drivers. The engine does it all by itself; the programmer only needs to write a few lines of code.

In companies, developers perform narrow tasks by programming different elements of the game. But if a programmer creates his or her own game completely, other tools will be needed. These are graphics editors (Photoshop, 3D Max), sound editors, audio and video converters. In that case, you need to be able to do more: direct the game and do the functions of all the other specialties.

Writing code is an easy task. Most of the time is spent coming up with levels and drawing graphics. A competent person can create a QUBE prototype in three days, but it would take another year to finish before release. If there is no possibility to hire specialists or to do the project in a team, one has to learn new things. For example, design: composition, color selection, shadows.

When creating a game on a popular engine such as Unreal or Unity3D, you need programmers who write in C++ or C#. If the game will not be on a separate engine, you need programmers who specialize in creating games for iOS, Android, PS4, or web developers (game art and development services). For games that involve interaction between users as well as centralized data storage, server specialists will be needed. How long does it take to create a game? One development takes a month, while another takes years. You can only know the cost of making a game in Ukraine by summing up the team’s expenses, including software, content rights, and the devices used for testing. An Android game with minimal features will cost around $500, and a PS quest up to $300 million.

More than 50 percent of all known mobile games are developed on the Unity engine. You’ve probably heard of them – Pokemon GO, Inside, HearthStone, Cuphead, StarWars: Galaxy of Heroes, Albion Online…

Developers need an accessible toolkit. After all, who wants to be distracted from the creative process every 5 minutes to find the right tool? With Unity Editor, you have all the features and functions you need at your fingertips.

If you’re interested, you can work with the experts to customize the programming environment to your liking – choosing your favorite theme, colors, fonts, and all the other settings. Quickly create Unity scripting methods in Visual Studio using the “Implement MonoBehaviours” and “Quick MonoBehaviours” wizards. Unity Project Explorer allows you to navigate your project just like in Unity.

Some companies may find it extremely difficult to find and retain a dedicated Unity programmer. However, many top companies have a rigorous hiring procedure to properly select Unity developers. In addition to solving theoretical problems, graduates must show practical and real-world experience in Unity development.

Unity is a cross-platform game development environment created by Unity Technologie and used to develop video games for the PC platform, consoles, mobile devices, and websites. A significant advantage of Unity is portability without loss of performance.

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