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The mechanisms in the Facebook advertising ecosystem are shifting due to regulations and restrictions in browsers and operating systems. This will shrink your marketing ROI. You may ask – what to do now? Here you can find the feed of your Facebook advertising strategy.

Personalization is not a new term for your online marketing strategy: In 4.5 billion active internet users, two people are not alike in terms of interests and tastes. And yet many would like to be addressed by companies with content and advertising like The Doe – while maintaining control over their data.

Fulfilling this wish is becoming more difficult than ever and you can only succeed with powerful advertising tools that meet the current requirements for technology, usage trends, and data protection regulations. The advertising ecosystem is changing and we have to admit it. If you don’t act now and break your echo chamber, you will soon feel how the return on investment in your marketing strategy is decreasing and your corporate goals start to fail.

New walls for old advertising signals

On the one hand, changes have an impact on a technological level. The increased use of ad blockers and the limitation of third-party cookies by popular browsers make it impossible to “just keep it up!”. On the other hand, data protection laws such as the GDPR and CCPA regulate a number of previous practices for recognizing customers.

The cookie apocalypse makes it more difficult to address customers, it’s a loss of efficiency and increases acquisition costs. You’ve to choose a rapid action – according to the latest reports, publishers are recording losses of more than 50 percent in the post-cookie era. Those who act now prepare themselves for the future and create decisive competitive advantages.

Gatekeepers such as the browser and operating system providers are also forcing advertisers to adopt new strategies. A current example is Apple, which will restrict the use of advertising-relevant data in apps for iOS 14 from the beginning of 2021. Guides and checklists on how you can meet these hurdles with specific measures and how you can continue to make your personalized offer available to iOS users are provided by Facebook for Business.

Personalization or privacy? Offer both!

It’s like evolution: In order to continue to reach your target group in the future, you have to adapt your strategy to the changing ecosystem, sometimes with a fundamental shift. A big goal that you can also achieve in small steps – the main thing is that you are heading in the right direction.

The main principle is here – Reduce your dependence on third-party cookies: Become independent of user data that you receive from third parties, such as browsers and operating systems. The more signals customers give you firsthand, the more stable your foundation is. Offer customers added value on their customer journey so that they will be happy to receive your offer. Loyalty programs, discounts, and VIP promotions are examples of this. We advise you to move away from the campaign focus and go to the customer focus. The post-cookie era will force advertisers to regain data integrity and build first-party data strategies. Short-term data loss is countered by the development of comprehensive customer profiles (identity management) and the design of user-centered customer journeys.

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