5 Gadgets to Create the Perfect Home Office


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Designing your perfect home office is critical. Having a space that is tailored to your needs enables you to work more efficiently, and most importantly, comfortably. The ongoing pandemic has meant that the vast majority of people have been working from home- and despite employers being keen to introduce workers back into offices, most have found that working from home is more appealing. Besides the basic desk, computer and office chair- We Buy Any Home have found the 5 top gadgets to make working from your home office that extra bit special.


Gadget1- Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

Those of us who are tied to a desk understand the physical implications of office work. Back problems, issues with posture, and lack of movement are just some of the cons of having a job that is dedicated to desk work. Investing in a height-adjustable electric standing desk can give you variety whilst you are at work. The desk electronically rises (and lowers) to your desired height, allowing you to work whilst standing and giving you the option to move. Made from durable material, the desk can support the maximum load capacity of 70KG.

Gadget 2- Electric Cup Warmer

Life is too short for cold coffee. There’s nothing worse than sitting down to work with a coffee and completely forgetting about it. When you’re busy at work, having an electric cup warmer next to you is essential, and that’s why investing in an electric cup warmer is vital. Instead of wasting a drink, simply place the electric cup onto the mat, and using a state-of-the-art heating pad, your beverage will heat up in no time. 

Gadget 3- Conference Microphone & Speaker

For all your important office meetings, a conference microphone and speaker are needed. The bad quality of laptop microphones and speakers perhaps doesn’t give off the most professional image- so using a smart voice enhancement will ensure that everybody in the call hears you coherently. It optimizes clarity and comes with a multi-person mode, allowing you to hear every part of the conversation without lag or listening fatigue. Easily installed using Bluetooth or via a USB-C cable, this device is fit to be partnered with all conferencing platforms.

Gadget 4- Adjustable Foot Cushion

As you will be working from home, it’s the perfect time to help heal your feet. Investing in an office footrest improves posture and blood circulation by elevating your feet and legs. Relaxing, comfortable and beneficial for your health, using a footrest at home can also aid in relieving discomfort in the shoulder and neck area. The cushion also comes with a non-slip device and a massager, to gently massage your feet whilst you work. The cushion has a zip so the removable cover can be washed for hygiene purposes and is easily installable as it’s pre-assembled.

Gadget 5- Dual and Triple Computer Screen Monitor

The thought of having dozens of open tabs open on a monitor is every office worker’s worst nightmare. Flicking from tab to tab, or page to page can become infuriating and make work harder than needs be. Investing in either dual or triple computer screens advances your computer screen- and makes the work you need to be doing more accessible and easier. Revolutionary in-home office gadgets, this product enables you to efficiently multitask in addition to boosting productivity.

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