Google is about to launch a voice input mode for Gboard


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The first version of Google Assistant appeared in 2016. Despite its modest age, the program has a huge number of features and has gained popularity among millions of users. Very soon, the assistant will become even more advanced and will greatly simplify the voice dialing and translation of the text with Gboard and voice input mode for Gboard.

What’s new in Gboard

In the updated interface, when the voice is initiated, a special control interface is launched, containing various hints that make it easier to voice input.

There is also an updated translator in the keyboard. If previously this function worked only by manually typing, now users can write words in one language, and the program in real time converts them into another language.

Currently, translation into several languages is supported: English, Hindi, French, Russian, Thai, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

During a round of the Gboard app 9to5Google new functionality that takes the next
level of speech and voice typing. Regular when you use text to speech on Gboard there is not a dedicated voice control option.

You can watch the new UI Include new voice control options just typing, this will be more amazing to see UI is working and is a most welcome upgrade.

This is unclear information this update will reply on the device have the help 2 update on their device. During we wait check out the below video at 9to5Google show off the new feature.

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