The Handbook to Winning Every Spider Solitaire Game


Spider solitaire game

Spider Solitaire is a thrilling card game that has quickly risen to fame, surpassing Klondike Solitaire. You can win the game by arranging 13 cards of the same suit in ascending order. While the classic game is puzzling and played with two decks of 52 cards with several suits involved, the online version of the game only consists of one deck of cards and one suit – the spades. 

In the online Spider Solitaire game, players can see a board on their screen consisting of the following parts:

  • The foundation pile: Also known as the discard pile, it consists of cards that players have removed. Players cannot interact with this pile. 
  • The stockpile: 25 cards in a group of five are kept on the stockpile. When interacting with this pile, players are provided the furthermost face-up cards in all piles. 
  • The tableau: It is the part of the board where players display and arrange the cards. There are typically ten piles on the tableau, but only four piles consist of five face-up cards in the shorter online version. There’s a single column of cards where another face-down card is added, and then five face-up cards are dealt to the players.

The objective of online Spider Solitaire games remains similar to the classic game that everyone must have played at least once on their computer. The game’s primary purpose is to form stacks of cards in the columns in ascending order, from Ace to King. When you have made a set of 13 cards, the group removes itself automatically to form a foundation. Players win the game when all cards have been formed into relevant sets and moved to the discard or foundation pile. 

Although the objective seems achievable, the online variant of the game is more challenging than it looks. Players may have to deal with only one suit and 52 cards, but there’s a timer. One wins the match if they finish the game before the time’s up. If players are playing a multiplayer game and nobody completes the game within the given time, the player with the highest score wins the game. 

Players can hone their skills by playing practice/free games. But when you are partaking in cash contests, you must keep in mind the following handbook for winning every battle. If you’re playing high-stake tournaments, you cannot afford to let the opponent win. So, take a look below. 

  • Create empty piles early on in the game 

Target the columns with fewer cards as early as possible. Move cards from such columns and use the empty piles as a place to store cards temporarily. You can use empty piles when you’re rearranging the sequences. By transferring cards to empty piles, you can turn over more cards. 

Ensure to assess all the cards facing forward, along with the sequences that you already have. Also, examine the missing cards to complete a set and concentrate your next moves on finding those cards. 

  • Wasting a move is considered a sin 

Online Spider Solitaire games follow a timer, and you cannot afford to waste any move. The overall outcome of the game depends on the moves executed. During the game, you might face a situation where you can cause a card to turn in a column and complete it in two moves. However, at the same time, you’ve discovered that by moving cards in a different order and taking four moves, you can flip a hidden card and even turn the hidden card in another column. 

So, avoid making sudden moves. You must carefully consider the pros and cons before making any move. 

  • Tap the undo button 

Players develop strategies when playing Spider Solitaire, and it is challenging to pre-plan before nobody knows what cards are hiding under the face-forward cards. It is vital to know that you can make incredible choices even if it is late. For instance, if you’ve played your move and find yourself stuck, you can use the undo function. By tapping the undo button on the screen, you can go back to your previous action and play the right move that you might have missed. 

The undo button is highly beneficial when playing online Spider Solitaire games. It helps players to determine how different moves can impact the overall structure of the game. If you have two possible moves, you can use the undo button to try both of those to find out which one is most beneficial for your game. 

  • Have open columns? Place Kings 

Kings can be placed in open columns because you cannot put Kings on any other card. If you want to switch a card to an empty column at the start of the game, placing a King will keep the column open for re-stacking. 

  • Don’t let an empty column go to waste 

A vacant column is crucial and helps players carry out their thought-out strategies during the game. The empty columns can be used to temporarily store cards when you’re transferring the cards from one column to another. 

You can move cards from tableau piles that don’t have many cards. Use the vacant piles to store cards when you’re rearranging card sequences and creating relevant sets. 


In summation, Spider Solitaire games require a lot of strategizing and skills. These are some of the tricks that can significantly improve your chances of winning when you’re participating in cash tournaments and battles. Best of luck!

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