Harris Teeter Update 2020


Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter (HT) is an American supermarket in North Carolina and operates  255 stores in the South Atlantic States. IT services include dairy items, frozen foods, meat, groceries and pharmacies and much more. Harris Teeter provides its employees with many benefits given below:


Harris Teeter is a very good business organization and they keep care of their employees as well. They provide many benefits to the employees so that they can make progress in future and remain committed to the work. To lessen their problems and to keep their morale high, these benefits are offered to them.

  • Medical
  • Life insurance
  • Legal benefits
  • Vision
  • Critical illness insurance
  • The short and long term disability
  • Work-life solutions
  • Educational assistance
  • Associate VIC card reduction

Online Registration at MYHTSpace

There are many issues that employees face during the registration for here are some simple steps:

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  • Firstly, visit harissteeter.com and click on the right-side button of login or sign up and then click on registration button.
  • I will show you a form asking for your essentials. You need to provide all of the required data.
  • After, click on the continue button as per instructions.
  • Provide your data as required.
  • Don’t forget to remember your username ID and password.

If you still face any problem, call on this number 1-800-432-6111 or fill contact us form on the website.

MYHTSpace Login portal

Follow these simple steps if you face any problem with your login.

  • Firstly, visit benefitsolver.com, it will directly take you to the MYHT space login portal.
  • Enter your username ID and password in the required fields.
  • Click on Login
  • Your dashboard will be open.

If you still face any problem, call on this number 1-800-432-6111 or fill contact us form on the website.

Forgotten Username and Password

In this busy world, it’s a normal thing that people forget many important things. If you forget your username ID and password, do not worry about it. Just follow the process to encounter your problem.

  • Visit bebefitsolver.com.
  • On this login page, click on the forgotten password button under the login fields.
  • It will show you a form, enter all the inquiring fields and after completing this form and clicking continue, it will ask you for a new password. Here you can easily set up your password.

For inquiries please call us on 1-800-432-6111 or fill contact us form on the website.

We think that the above information will help many of you in many aspects but if you are still facing any problem in your login, registration or any other process just contact on the given number or by filling the contact us form on their official website.

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