How Can You Discover If Someone is Married or Divorced?


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How Can You Discover If Someone is Married or Divorced?

Dating in today’s times has become easier, but also a tad bit tricky. One can deceive as much one wants on the internet, painting the perfect dreamy picture and without raising any suspicion. But, how can you know the truth?

All it takes for a married person to lie about their status is to slip the wedding ring under their pocket. Are you sure that you are investing your emotional energies in the right person? Are you sure that this person is not deceiving you in any way? Are you sure this person is not married or divorced as they claim to be?

One way to do this is to follow the people around sneakily and the other more convenient way is to use CocoFinder to check if someone is married. The latter is the most coveted and most commonly used truth-finding app that has become the necessity of the hour.  

CocoFinder: Check the Relationship Status

As opposed to what someone tells you or reflects in social media status, the reality can be quite different. No social media platform can guarantee your safety or appropriate reflection of one’s romantic status.

It is in times like these that the support of web pages like CocoFinder can be used to get the true picture of one’s state of affairs, quite literally. The web-based application has been most coveted amongst youngsters and people dating online. It is always good to ensure your physical and emotional safety way in advance.

With newer and virtual modes of communication and even dating, cheating and deceiving have become an inevitable vice. People will lie, will cheat, will deceive and it’s your personal prerogative to ensure your security as an individual. 

One might question, I have checked this person’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin accounts and he seems to be what he claims. Can social media relationship updates be considered to be the conclusive proof of how truthful one is? No, not at all.

In current times, there are also digitized ways in which people can photoshop and crop, and you wouldn’t even know about it. So, the best way to safeguard yourself is to know exactly what you are getting into.

Check if Someone is Married or Divorced?

One conclusive proof of one’s marriage is a marriage certificate. This is the certificate officializing the marriage of two individuals. This is a State record and the registration is done in the State from where the couple belongs to.

However, not all States are technologically advanced or open enough to publish these records online. Therefore, in order to access these records, you might have to individually request for the same. There are also joint accounts, joint ownership of property, children’s birth certificates, etc. that indicate marriage.

Checking Marital Status through CocoFinder

Contrary to what someone tells you, finding out the truth by yourself is bliss. This is why CocoFinder is turning out to be a very reliable and trustworthy background finder. It is so efficient and simple to use. 

The process of using CocoFinder for searching for the fact if someone is married is very simple. You have to follow the below-mentioned processes;

Enter the Name

All you need to do is enter the first name and last name of the person under question. If you enter the location as well, the results will appear much better and more exact. 

Filter the Result

The search results will display the names of people in the location with the requisite name and surname. You can go through the search results and pick the person’s data who you have been looking for. You can click on the ‘Access Report’ to view the data of the concerned person.

Download and View Report

You have to provide your email details to which you want the concerned individual’s report. You can then provide your card details and initiate the payment. 

View My Report

After the payment is so done, you can view the report. There will also be a section of possible relatives that has the impetus to provide you the information pertaining to the person’s spouse.

PreRequisites to use CocoFinder

Even with very little information, you can attain a lot of details about someone from CocoFinder. But, if you do have the following information, it can get you sooner to the person you are trying to check the marital records of:

Full name 

Know the first and last name of the person you need to check about. So, if you have access to the full name of the bride and the groom, it would help you a lot in narrowing down the search.

Residential State

Just knowing the name only can give you a lot of details from all the States. To narrow your search profile to a more relevant and attainable number, you can specify the State of Residence that is your core focus. If you know their date of birth, the search is likely to bring you more precise results.

Other Relevant Information

Specificity is the key to details. The more specific details you have, the better results will you have in turn. You can get exact details with the accuracy of the personal information that you provide. Even if it is the mobile number of the person under question, it can get you the result sooner.

Why is CocoFinder the best Platform

CocoFinder is a massive time saver to look up someone’s information. It is becoming extremely popular with people of all ages. From youngsters to adults, everyone is using it to ensure that they or their loved ones are with the right people.

But, that’s not the only reason why CocoFinder is special, its authenticity and immaculate results make it more desirable compared to other platforms. You also get super prompt results with ultimate accuracy.

As compared to what you see on someone’s social media platform, you see things black and white on CocoFinder. You will see what you have to see, not what someone wants to show you.


So, if you are having doubts about someone, use CocoFinder to check if someone is married or not. It is web applications like CocoFinder that can save a lot of time and emotional energies being spent on an impostor or person falsifying claims.

You have to use CocoFinder to believe in its brilliance and efficacy of its conduct. No fact-finding web page will be good enough for you once you have tried CocoFinder.

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