How do you know if someone blocked your number iPhone?


How do you know if someone blocked your number iPhone?

How do you know if someone blocked your number? Without asking the person, you can’t be sure, but there are several telltale indicators that will undoubtedly be helpful.

We’ll go over a few techniques to determine if your number has been blocked as well as some particular advice on how to determine if you have been blocked on iMessage. Let’s start now!

First of all, What You Should Know

  1. You can relax if an automated response appears or if a delivery notification appears on your texts. Your phone number has not been blocked.
  2. However, if all of your calls go to voicemail and your texts don’t display a “Delivered” or “Read” status, you might have been blocked.
  3. The iMessage “Not Delivered” issue is a widespread misconception; in reality, it only signifies that your texts aren’t going through.

How to Confirm If Someone Blocked Your Number on iPhone

Combining the techniques listed below will enable you to ascertain whether the individual is blocked, merely unavailable, out of service range, or in Do Not Disturb mode.

There isn’t a surefire way to tell if someone has blocked you on an iPhone, despite the fact that these ways can provide you with some very helpful insights.

In the section below, we’ll go over four ways to determine if someone has blocked you through text messages as well as the warning sign to look out for if your phone.

1. Did you receive an automatic SMS reply? On iPhone, you are NOT banned!

This first piece of advice is really simple. If someone is in Do Not Disturb mode or has Driving Focus mode turned on, they can have an automated text response programmed to send. Good news if you get an automated text reply to a message you sent! Since such automatically generated text replies don’t reach prohibited numbers on iPhones, you are undoubtedly not blocked.

Continue reading to find out how to determine if someone has blocked you on iMessage if you don’t receive a clear automatic response (or any response, for that matter).

2. You are NOT banned if you see a delivery notification. They might simply have “Do Not Disturb” turned on.

Let’s talk about how to determine whether someone has banned your number or if Do Not Disturb is just turned on for this strategy. I had my friend set her iPhone to Do Not Disturb for one text and then block me for a second text in order to compare the two.

She didn’t receive the text until after she turned off Do Not Disturb, yet I received a delivery notification when I texted her when she was in that mode. My text appeared to have been sent to the restricted iMessage, but I never received any sort of confirmation; it simply sat there.

So even if someone only has Do Not Disturb or another Focus mode activated, delivery notifications will still be displayed. However, this is an excellent technique to determine if you are blocked on iMessage if you do not see delivery notifications (more on this in the next section).

3. You COULD be blocked if your iMessage doesn’t have a “Delivered” or “Read” status.

How can you tell if someone on iMessage has blocked you? You won’t see “Delivered” or “Read” below the most recent text bubbles if you’re blocked. It’s crucial to remember that this approach only functions if the other person has an iPhone, though. If the recipient uses an Android phone, your iPhone won’t show delivery alerts.Why was Roblox not able to update

Here’s a wonderful trick for finding out if someone has blocked you on iMessage: Before assuming that you have been blocked, look under the most recent text you sent. If your most recent iMessage doesn’t say “Delivered” under the message bubble but your prior one did, you might have been blocked.

Try the tip in the next section if you encounter an iMessage Not Delivered issue instead.

4. An iMessage Not Delivered error doesn’t indicate blocking; rather, it just indicates that your messages aren’t going through.

Another excellent way to determine if someone has blocked your phone number from texting them is as follows: Try turning on SMS text messages on your iPhone if you’re getting the iMessage Not Delivered issue.

In this approach, if an iMessage-delivered iPhone message is not received, your device will automatically retry the text using your cellular plan. Alternatively, you can manually try an SMS retry.

Another indication that you might have been blocked on an iPhone is if your SMS message also doesn’t get a response.

Following an iMessage Not Delivered error, use these instructions to manually send a text over SMS again:

1. Go to the text you were trying to send and hit the red info symbol.

2. Tap Send as Text Message in step two. By selecting this option, your text will be sent as an SMS message rather than an iMessage.

How do you know if someone blocked your number iPhone?

3. The SMS will try to be sent again by your smartphone. Your message has been sent if you do not see the “Not Delivered” error.

Resending the text eliminates the possibility that a system error on your end is the cause of the recipient’s silence. If you still don’t hear back, however, it’s possible that your phone number has been blacklisted.

5. You might be blocked if your call goes directly to voicemail.

You may find out whether you’ve been banned on the iPhone by calling the person. However, it’s preferable to combine this step with the iMessage test to be more confident you’ve been banned since there may be other reasons why a call you make from your phone rings once and goes directly to voicemail.

Consider This:

Our advice is to wait a few hours before calling your friend or relative following the iMessage Not Delivered test, unless there is an emergency, in case they are temporarily out of their cellular coverage region or otherwise unable to react.

Here’s how to determine if you’ve been banned on an iPhone if you decide to call after a few hours have passed and your text is still unanswered.

I requested my sister to block my number for this experiment, and this is what I found. Before connecting to voicemail, the phone rang for a very little period of time—not quite a complete ring.

As with any unblocked call, I was allowed to leave a message, but it was recorded in a different portion of her iPhone’s voicemail system called Blocked Messages.

She had no way of knowing I had called while I was barred, and neither she nor I received a voicemail regarding the blocked call.

When I’ve attempted the iMessage steps and then phoned, but their phone just rings once and goes straight to voicemail, I know I’m probably banned.

Conclusion: How to Call Someone Who Blocked You

Although there are various reasons why a number may be restricted, crises do sometimes arise when users need to get in touch with someone who has previously blocked their number.

This is challenging terrain, therefore unless there is a genuine emergency, we do not advise utilising this suggestion.

Contacting someone who has made it plain they do not want you to do so might have legal repercussions! We admonish users to respect other people’s privacy and disclaim all liability for their actions.

However, you may attempt masking your caller ID by using *67 if you really need to get in touch with the individual who banned your number.

This will mask your phone number and let the call through; the caller ID will display No Caller ID or a message to that effect.

Since your caller ID is hidden, many people will still choose to ignore the call. Although depending on carrier settings, this still isn’t always reliable, it is still a possibility in an emergency.

If your phone number is banned, can you still leave a message? Yes, however, your voicemail will show up under Blocked Messages in a different area.

It is doubtful that the other person would listen to your voicemail since they won’t get any indication that you phoned.

You can identify whether your number has been banned or not with some degree of certainty now that you know what to look for in your messages and phone calls.

Hopefully, a misunderstanding occurred if this happened to you! Please respect their preferences and privacy if they really did mean to block you and are no longer interested in speaking with you.

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