How Has Mobile Gaming Changed Throughout the Past 10 Years 

As time goes on, the technology that we use continues to improve in quality and this is clearly reflected in the improvement of our mobile phones – specifically in mobile gaming. The mobile gaming industry is currently doing better than it ever has done, as the titles that are available are becoming more immersive, games are cheaper and the variety means that no matter what your tastes are, there is something for you. 

So, was this always the case? The short answer is no, mobile gaming was always looked at as something to pass long car journeys and nothing else. The gaming community has always been a lot more interested in gaming on consoles and PCs over anything else. So, what has happened in the past decade to make it so that more people now enjoy playing different mobile games. 

Increased Variety 

One of the main factors that has led to the increased popularity of mobile gaming and how things have changed so much is that the variety available is so much more vast than it used to be. Regardless of what you are into there is something for you. For instance, if you like sports games, then you can get FIFA on your phone; if you prefer shooters, then you have the options of Fortnite and Call of Duty; and if you prefer online gambling, you are able to access the best payout online casino Australia 2022. Before these different genres were available, mobile gaming replicated gaming in the early days where the only options were repetitive 2D arcade games. 

A Lot of Games Are Free 

When mobile gambling was first established, the price attached to some of the major releases was quite large and people were not willing to pay this due to the fact the quality was subpar compared to the console counterparts. Nowadays, this is no longer the case thanks to the introduction of adverts within games. It means that the majority of titles we get from the app store are completely free so long as we watch the occasional ad in between gameplay. Developers are still able to make money by charging for in game features that can improve the look/ability of your character. 

Gaming and Women 

Gaming used to be a relatively male-dominated industry and though this still might be the case in game development, women now make up an incredibly large portion of the gaming market. Surveys show in fact that when it comes to mobile gaming, 40% of players are women and this number only seems to be increasing. There is still sexism rife amongst the playing community, but this is slowly changing as gaming becomes more mainstream and not just a niche market. 


The amount of people who now use mobile gaming as their primary means of gaming over other methods has increased massively in recent years. There are a number of reasons behind this, but the fact of the matter is that the gaming industry simply has changed. This is the case in more ways than one, but the above article speaks in more detail about some of the major ways that the mobile gaming industry has changed and why this has led to its subsequent popularity. 

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