How to do test automation in Dynamics 365?


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been maintained according to the “One Version” principle since 2019, being under continuous development with monthly updates and regularly added functionality. While this certainly gives a lot of opportunities for improving the software, it also makes regression testing challenging. This article will show you how the automation of the ERP can be achieved in the most efficient way.

An iteration approach to testing

It is highly recommended to start with defining your plan for the areas to cover and testing schedule, however, the plan should be refreshed in an iterative manner. You will move from a general review, allowing you to define the weak points of the application, to more specific points of the highest risks.

Use business knowledge

In order to make sure your test cases will be indeed applicable for the business reality, you will need specific knowledge of business processes, which software testers rarely possess. The assistance of the key system users can be very helpful for estimating the real risks coming with the software modifications.

Look at the testing task from a broader perspective

If you have already had some experience of manual testing, it might be affecting your approach to the automation of the testing procedure. Do not estimate testing opportunities by the possibilities of your previous testing team, who were adjusting tests to their own capacities. For instance, for Executive Automats, running tests with thousands of cases during a single day is not a challenge.

The same goes for creating specific tests for checking each and every element of an app separately. Automated testing can cover greater scope of integrations and functionality simultaneously.

Add maximum automation to the testing process

It will be a great idea not to rely on technical specialists if only there is such an opportunity. Unfortunately, there will be times when they will not be available and the tests will still have to be performed. For that reason, such a tool as Executive Automats is featured by UI design, making maintaining the testing process possible for people without coding skills.

It is never too early or too late for testing

Regardless of the current condition of your ERP, you should reach out for regression testing, which will be quite smooth if a right tool is applied. For example, you can easily adopt your test plans for AX2012 to D365 after the upgrade of the application with the use of Executive Automats. At the same time, the automation frameworks of this testing tool will be particularly useful through the go-live period.

TAaaS: Test Automation as a Service

For even greater convenience, you might be willing to consider using test automation as a service, which is also provided by Executive Automats. Due to the cloud technology, you can count on the support of technical specialists ready to use your business processes for building well-tailored test cases and perform testing procedures whenever you need them.

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