How to Double Space or Change Line Spacing In Microsoft Word


Line Spacing is the distance between lines. The Default line spacing distance is 1.0, which stacks lines closely together with the minimal space between words. The amount of that space varies depends on the font which you are using. In this article, we are learning about How to Double Space in Word.

How to Double Space in Word

Compact line spacing is usually not appealing and makes it difficult for readers to follow and read through the lines of text. For this reason, only Double line Spacing is usually recommended. This Double line spacing comes in Long paragraphs or Huge content of Text.

There are ways you can use to double space lines in Microsoft Word.  Let’s take a look at each of them to make your content easy to read. Here you can create Double line spacings for the Entire content on your Document.

What is Microsoft Word?

The word processor is a Computer Application Software program that is used to create and print text Documents. The advantage of the word processor is its ability to create changes easily, like Adding, Deleting, Formatting, Spelling Correction, and Relocating the Text.

MS Word is a graphical word processing program that users can type and use it. It is made by the Microsoft company. The main of MS word is to allow users to type and save Documents and it is a helpful tool to make documents.

Microsoft 365 is the Productivity Cloud designed to help you to assist you to attain your passion and run your business. Apps like Word, Excel, Powerpoint. Microsoft 365 Business brings together best-in-class productivity apps with powerful cloud services, device management, and advanced security in one connected experience.

Features of MS Word

  1. Creating Text Documents.
  2. Making a Text Document Interactive with different Features and tools.
  3. Graphical Documents, Comprising Images.
  4. Editing and Formatting the Existing Documents.
  5. Detects Grammatical errors in Text Documents.

How to Double Space or Change Line Spacing In Microsoft Word?

We can Double space in Microsoft by two methods.

  1. Double Space using Paragraph settings.
  2. Double Space using Line and Paragraph settings.

1. Double Space Using Paragraph Settings

  • Highlight all the text – Use Ctrl+A to Highlight or Select all the text in Document.


How to Double Space in Word


  • Next click on the Design Option on the Menu bar – Once when you have selected all the content go to the menu bar and select Design Option as shown below.

How to Double Space in Word

  • Click on the Paragraph Spacing button –  Click on the Design Option Right-click on it and select the Paragraph Spacing and press enter.

How to Double Space in Word

  • Click down for options – On the pull-down menu, Select the Double option as shown below.

How to Double Space in Word

Upon Clicking on the Double option, observe the spacing between the lines increase by double spacing.

2. Click on the LIne & Paragraph Settings

  • Again Highlight all the text in the document by using Ctrl + A Keyword at the time.
  • Next, click on the  Line & Paragraph Spacing button as shown below.

How to Double Space in Word

  • On the Pull-down menu that appears click on Double spacing (2.0) as shown below.

How to Double Space in Word

  • This command will immediately double the space lines in your Document.


Modify Double Space for the Whole Document in Windows 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016


  • Open Microsoft Word and choose the document you want to modify.
  • Using Ctrl + A keyword highlight the text you want to double space or select all.
  • Then Right-click on the highlighted text and click Format and then paragraph.
  • In the Paragraph make sure you are on the Spacing and Indents Tab.

How to Double Space in Word

  • Click the down arrow in the Line Spacing drop-down box.
  •  Select Double and click on the OK button.

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