How to Fix Blinking Xfinity Router Orange Light – Best and Easy Methods in 2022


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How to Fix Blinking Xfinity Router Orange Light: Xfinity routers are one of the most popular networking devices. Once you have configured this device, you can use wired and wireless-enabled devices to connect to the router and surf the Internet. Additionally, you can enable the device’s WPS feature to connect a wireless printer to your wireless network and meet your wireless printing needs.

However, there may be times when the Xfinity modem glows orange and you do not have access to the Internet. In such cases, you can follow some simple, yet effective troubleshooting techniques to get rid of the problem and maintain internet access.

Why Does Xfinity Router Blinks Orange?

One of the most common causes of orange light blinking on Xfinity routers is when the device is connected at 10/100 Mbps. Another reason that triggers such issues is the lack of communication between the router and your modem. In such cases, you will not be able to access the Internet even if you are connected to a wireless network.

Methods To Fix Blinking Xfinity Router Orange Light:

  • Use Ethernet Connection
  • Reboot Router
  • Check Splitter
  • Service Outage
  • Check the Cables
  • Contact the Xfinity Technical Support

Method1: Use Ethernet Connection:

Use Ethernet Connection

Problems with your internet connection can cause your Xfinity gateway to glowing orange. In this case, you may not be able to  Wi-Fi connection. So, to solve this problem, you can use an Ethernet cable. And more interestingly, Xfinity Internet startup kits already have Ethernet cables.

So, start by unplugging the power cable first. And then, make sure all the cables are disconnected from the router. Now, connect your router to one end of the Ethernet cable and your modem to the other end. Then connect all the remaining wires. Next, connect the router and modem to their respective power sources.

Method2: Reboot Router:

Reboot Router

If there is a problem you should always reboot your router or power cycle. Because with this simple fix almost any problem can be solved. However, if that does not work you can skip to the next solution. However, before we proceed, restart the router.

Rebooting the Xfinity router can be done using the Xfinity app or manually. But, if the orange light on your router blinks, your network connection may not work, so the Xfinity app will not work big. So, you have to solve the problem manually. To do so, disconnect the router from the power source. And, reconnect the router after 10-15 seconds.

Method3: Check Splitter:

Check Splitter

Another reason your Xfinity router may glow orange is a damaged or multifunctional splitter. Therefore, you can connect the internet cable directly to your Xfinity router and see if it works. Next, you can check if your router is still displaying a bright orange light.

Method4: Service Outage:

Service Outage

The signal strength is also affected when the service is stopped, causing the orange light to blink. So, check if the service is down by opening the Xfinity app on your android device. All orange lights should be fixed after the service interruption. And, the best thing to do in this situation is to wait or get some additional information about this issue or contact your ISP.

You can follow some steps to connect through the Xfinity app:

  • First, check if your service has been interrupted.
  • Next, open the Xfinity My Account app on your smartphone.
  • You must sign in to your Comcast account.
  • Now, you need to click on the ‘Sec for Service Interruptions’ button.
  • Xfinity customer support will also help if you have any issues with your router.

Method5: Check the Cables:

Check the Cables

We can sometimes accidentally disconnect the cable, lose the connection, or connect the cable to the wrong port while we are replacing our devices. Or we may be cleaning around it to improve the wireless signal or move the router to a better location. But, all of these things make the Xfinity router glow orange. Therefore, all cables should be checked to fix this. And, make sure they fit snugly into the ports. Also, check the cables at both ends. And make sure the cables are connected to the correct ports.

Method6: Contact the Xfinity Technical Support:

Contact the Xfinity Technical Support

If the Orange Light is still shining, you should contact Tech Support, even after trying all the solutions given above. They can easily troubleshoot remotely and guide you on how to fix the problem. If they cannot solve the problem remotely, they can send a technician to fix the problem and even replace the equipment. So, if you are not very confident that you can solve the Orange Light problem on your own or if you are lucky enough to have tried everything, then contacting Xfinity Support is your last choice.

Method7:Check the router and modem:

Check the router and modem

Sometimes all the problems around the Xfinity router flashing orange light are caused by the wrong router. If you have a router that you have not used for a long time or you know someone who can give you a router to plug it in instead of your current router, do this. This will help you determine if the orange light blinking is caused by the router.

The same applies to the modem. Replace the modem with another one and see if the orange light still shines. If the orange light does not blink after you replace the router or modem, a problem has occurred. Buy a new router or stay in touch with technical support and see if you can get a replacement.


We hope the Xfinity Router Blinking Orange issue is now successfully resolved. As you can see, some of the steps given above require some patience on your part and some very little. However, what helps you solve the problem on your own will help you to enjoy your internet browsing again and will give you great pleasure in being able to solve your networking problem on your own.

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