How to Fix Most Common macOS Problems


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Almost every owner of a macOS laptop believes his device is superior and impenetrable but is it really the case? Well, it turns out that macOS is just like any other electronic device out there because it can face a wide variety of issues, too. The two most important questions are these:

  • What are the most common macOS problems?
  • How do you solve them?

No one enjoys facing a malfunctioning computer, so let’s dive straight into the topic and see how to fix the most common issues with your macOS device. 

Common macOS Issues

Your macOS could be facing a whole lot of issues, but some of them are more common than others. We will show you the most frequent bugs and problems with this type of device:

  • Frozen mac: When too much is stored and too many apps are fighting for CPU processing power, you are stuck with a spinning wheel and your beloved Mac not responding to clicks and pleas.
  • Low storage space: This is another issue your computer could be dealing with. In case your hard drive is struggling with storage, it will probably start malfunctioning very soon.
  • It demands rebooting: Every operating system needs a reboot from time to time. Your macOS is not an exception. 
  • Compatibility issues: In case your system is outdated, then it will experience serious compatibility issues.
  • Outdated apps: Older app versions are 32-bit, but macOS prefers 64-bit updates. This may be the reason why your laptop is not responding.

How to solve macOS issues

Now you know the most common macOS issues, but it’s also necessary to fix all bugs and problems in order to keep using the device. We will now explain how to deal with major macOS issues.

  • Restart your computer

The first tip is also the simplest because there can be no new start without a restart. Perhaps it sounds too good to be true, but the fact is that macOS often needs a simple restart in order to get back to normal. This happens to all electronic devices and you should definitely go for restarting before anything else. 

  • Complete all updates

The next step is to update all the features and functions on your macOS. This is something that should be done automatically, but sometimes users neglect the importance of updates and leave the device outdated for a long time. You should complete software updates along with apps and other tools you’re using on the macOS laptop.

  • Reset the PRAM

Sometimes the first couple of solutions don’t give the desired results, so you need to move on and find an alternative fix. Our tip is to reset your PRAM in case you notice that macOS is malfunctioning or that the battery keeps draining. 

  • Reboot the device

Sometimes you’ll notice that only one of your apps misbehaves. This is a simple issue that you can fix by rebooting the device. As soon as you’re done with it, macOS should be working as usual. 

  • Reset SMC

Another option is to reset the System Management Controller (SMC). You can do it by following a few simple steps. Firstly, turn off your macOS. After that, you need to unplug the power cord and leave it to rest for approximately 20 seconds. The next step is to return the power cord and wait for a few moments. After that, you can turn on the device and it should work without further distractions or bugs. 

  • Repair disk permissions

This tip applies even to macOS devices that aren’t facing any issues in particular. It is a step macOS owners can take to refresh the device and make it more powerful again. Doing it is not difficult because you just need to open Disk Utility and select a couple of commands. The first is to select the primary hard drive, while the second step is to click “Repair Disk Permissions.” 

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The Bottom Line 

If you own a macOS, you probably want to see it perfectly functional around the clock. However, macOS is prone to problems just like any other device, so you need to find a way to deal with it. Otherwise, you can always contact Master computer for professional help. Nevertheless, we demonstrate you the most common problems with macOS and practical ways to solve all issues. Do you think you can handle macOS problems using our tips? Let us know in the comments section!

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