How to Fix Origin In-Game Overlay Not Working (Latest)


How to Fix Origin In-Game Overlay Not Working: Origin, similar to Steam and the Epic Games Store, is an advanced dissemination stage for computer games, with a large number of dynamic day-to-day clients. While sending off a game through the client, you have the choice to involve the Origin in-game overlay. This is a helpful element for visiting with your companions, broadcasting your ongoing interaction, or tolerating party welcomes from teammates. Sadly, the overlay in some cases quits answering. Making Origin hard to use for individuals who have accustomed to having the element.

Why Should You Disable the Origin in-Game Overlay?

Why Should You Disable the Origin in-Game Overlay

The Origin Overlay is for sure the main way that you can carefully buy the games on EA. In any case, it accompanies its own disadvantages and negative elements. That is maybe why you are here looking to track down how to switch off Origin overlay. One of the objections from the gaming local area has been that the Origin overlay cases a strangely high central processor utilization. That is all the more so while playing the most recent scope of games like Front line 1, Titanfall 2, Mass Impact: Andromeda, and others. This issue typically influences the mid-range gadgets, and the games will more often than not face outline drops. This can seriously influence the gaming experience for most devoted gamers.

How to Disable Origin in Game Overlay in Windows PC or Mac?

There can be multiple ways that you can use for impairing Origin in-game Overlay. Allow us to investigate the choices individually:

1. How to Disable Origin in Game Overlay on PC?

This progression would be useful and valuable in the event that you are hoping to handicap or mood killer Origin Overlay for all games on your PC. The progressions will influence the whole PC and mood killer Origin Overlay.

  1. Sign in to your Origin work area client on your PC.
  2. Go to Origin – > Application Settings
  3. Pick the choice for Origin in-game
  4. Find the choice for Empower Origin in-game.
  5. Switch the flip-off.

That makes it happen. Origin Overlay will be switched off in every one of the games on your PC.

2. Disable Origin Overlay on a specific game

Disable Origin Overlay on a specific game

There are potential outcomes that you would rather not handicap Origin Overlay on your whole PC, however just on a couple of explicit games. You can do that easily, and Origin In-Game overlay will keep working with different games.

  1. Go to Origin by following the means framed previously.
  2. Find and go to My Game Library.
  3. Right-click on your desired game to switch off Origin Overlay for
  4. Click on the choice Game Properties.
  5. Find the choice for Empower Origin In-Game for Game.
  6. Switch the flip-off.

That does it, and the Origin in-game Overlay will be debilitated for the specific game. You can rehash the means for every one of the games that you need to debilitate the Origin Overlay.

3. Clear Origin’s Cache

Clearing Origin’s store records can assist you with fixing numerous issues with the client. It’s a straightforward cycle and worth checking out in the event that you experience the In-Game Overlay Not Working Bug on Origin.

  1. Close Origin on the off chance that it’s running on your PC. Utilize the Errand Chief to twofold check and ensure all Origin-related processes are shut.
  2. Press Windows + R on your console all the while. Doing this will get to the “Run” work on Windows 10.
  3. Enter %ProgramData%/Origin, and press alright at the base.
  4. In the envelope that opens (by starting the hunt during the past advance) erase everything aside from the organizer named Neighborhood Content. In the wake of erasing the documents, close the window.
  5. Again press Windows + R on your console at the same time. This time, type %AppData% into the hunt field and press alright at the base.

You have now effectively cleared Origin’s reserve, which will ideally assist you with disposing of the bug keeping the in-game overlay from working.

4. Close Background Software

Close Background Software

On the off chance that you are certain you have empowered Origin overlay however it’s as yet not working, there might be a few applications running behind the scenes obstructing Origin. In this situation. You really want to close them.

  1. Press Shift + Ctrl + Esc to open Task Manager.
  2. Select the Processes tab.
  3. Under the Apps and Background processes area, select each pointless application and snap End task.

Then you can check assuming the issue is fixed. Assuming it actually exists, you really want to continue on toward the following strategy.

5. Perform a Clean Boot

Perform a Clean Boot

You can likewise stop outsider programming and administrations from sending off at startup to guarantee that there are no projects clashing with Origin’s in-game overlay include.

  1. Open the Run window and type MSConfig. Then, at that point, click OK to go to System Configuration.
  2. Under the General tab, select the Selective startup radio button. Then, at that point, check Load framework administrations and Use the first boot arrangement. Uncheck Load startup things assuming it is checked.
  3. Change to the Services tab. Then, at that point, select Hide all Microsoft administrations, click Disable all button, and snap Apply and OK.
  4. There will be a spring-up window that requests that you restart the PC. Ensure you have saved every one of your assignments and shut all projects, and afterward click Restart.

At the point when your PC begins, check in the event that you have a decent Origin overlay not chipping away at Windows 10. Assuming that the issue vanishes, you can empower the administrations you have handicapped individually to sort out the dangerous one. Then, at that point, contact the help of the assistant to get arrangements.


Origin overlay is a brilliant component that is famous among game sweethearts. Assuming you observe that your Origin in-game overlay doesn’t work, you can attempt the strategies above to fix the issue.

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