How to Fix Origin Won’t Open Error on Mac


How to Fix Origin Won’t Open Error on Mac: In addition to Steam and Epic Games, Origin is a popular gaming platform. Additionally, it features several complex games, like Star Wars, FIFA 21, Anthem, and Battlefield 5. Many users say that when they try to launch the Origin client, it will not even start. Let’s now look at a quick workaround for the origin not opening issue.

Why won’t the Origin client launch?

There are numerous reasons Origin might not open on a computer, particularly the most recent version of Windows 10. And that’s why I covered a variety of solutions to this problem. These are a few of the potential reasons.

1. Corrupt Origin files

The Origin client occasionally experiences temporary file corruption following an update or a forced shutdown, which prevents the Origin from opening. And removing the cache and temporary folders is a pretty simple way to fix the issue.

2. If Origin isn’t updating

Check if the background updater runs in the task manager. The majority of users have auto-update enabled in Origin. Additionally, look at Windows 10’s pending updates.

3. Windows Defender/Antivirus

Because Origin is an online platform, it needs constant internet access, and Windows Firewall is probably preventing Origin from accessing the network. Turn off any installed antivirus software before attempting to launch the Origin.

4. Compatibility issue

The older code that Origin utilizes might not be supported by the most recent Windows 10 updates, but this problem can be fixed by using the Windows 7 compatibility options.

How to Fix Origin Won’t Open Error on Mac

The solutions to all the issues you are having with Origin not working are listed below. These techniques are compatible with Microsoft Windows and Mac.

1. Delete cache and temporary files of Origin

Delete cache and temporary files of Origin

The most typical approach to permanently resolving the Origin issue is the one that many individuals find to be effective. Locate the Origin cache files and delete them to remedy the problem. Windows keeps cache files in the hidden storage for every application. Remove the files from the Origin cache.

Close the Origin client and log out of your Origin account. Also, if the Origin is running in the background, shut it down via the task manager and system tray.

  1. In the next step, hit Win+R, type “%ProgramData%” and press Enter.
  2. Locate and open the Origin folder.
  3. Delete the LocalContent folder by selecting all the files but it.
  4. Let’s now remove the temporary files from Origin.
  5. Once more pressing Win+R, type “%AppData%” and press Enter.
  6. Locate the Origin folder, then remove it.
  7. Select the AppData folder from the top menu now.
  8. Select the Local folder, then perform another search for the Origin folder.
  9. Then restart your computer after removing the Origin folder.

After rebooting is complete, open Origin, sign back into your account, and then resume playing your favorite online games without any problems. Check out the other solutions below if you are still experiencing the Origin won’t open problem.

2. Removing the Corrupted Cache Data

Therefore, clearing the application’s cache is the most efficient technique to resolve the Origin Not Loading Windows 10 issue. The cache can occasionally get corrupted for several reasons, such as a recent infection recovery or system restoration. If you’ve performed any significant system updates, the cache may also get corrupted. To clear the cache, adhere to the methods listed below.

  • First, entirely close the Origin client.
  • By hitting Windows + R simultaneously, open the Run window.
  • Now type %ProgramData% into the field and hit Enter to launch program data.
  • Find the Origin folder, enter it, and delete all the files and folders besides LocalContent.
  • Reopen the Run window, enter AppData by typing %AppData% and pressing Enter.
  • Go to the Local folder by clicking on AppData in the directory.
  • Likewise, remove the Origin folder.
  • Finally, to fix Origin Not Loading anything, restart your computer and launch the Origin client.

3. Update the Graphics Driver

The Origin Not Loading Games issues still seem to check to see whether the graphics driver is up to date even after clearing all of the temporary files. Install any available updates.

  1. Look for the NVIDIA Geforce in the start menu.
  2. When the program launches, select the Drivers option at the top.
  3. To fix the ea Origin Not Loading issue, click Check for Updates in the top right corner.

4. Reinstall the Origin Client

Reinstall the Origin Client

Reinstalling the Origin client would be the best option if the aforementioned solutions did not work. Reinstalling the most recent version should resolve the Origin Not Loading mac problem.

  1. Verify that the Client is not opened.
  2. Go to Settings, then select Apps.
  3. Find the Origin client, select it, and then click the Uninstall option to remove Origin.
  4. After uninstalling, adhere to Method 2’s STEPS 2–8.
  5. Restart your computer now, then launch a browser.
  6. After you click this link and the webpage loads, click the download button.
  7. Hopefully, the Origin Not Loading My Games issue will be resolved after the Origin setup file is downloaded, installed, and used.

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